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Just spent the weekend tearing down and rebuilding my studio space. Still got a longs ways to go for organization but it's in MUCH better shape already.

For starters (and this is what sparked the whole thing off), I finally had saved enough money for a true, motorized sit-to-stand desk. Been lusting after one of these for ages. But I have been diligent with my money and finally had saved enough to get one, with a nice birch top.

Since James and I were ripping out the area anyways, one of the things on the 'To Do' list was to reorg all the mating snakes, er, loose cables behind the area. Getting all that off the floor means it's now easier to clean/vacuum. And we now have easy access to the heater knob. And no cables are touch the heat-strip anymore, so we can use it in the winter, instead of trying to pump heat in from the front of the house.

We also got a very small UPS for the internet/cable modem/switch so that if power goes out, as long as the machines are still going, due to their own UPS's, we can still reach the outside world. This is super important for Dave, since he's constantly doing file transfers for his job. Him going down in the middle of a transfer has proven disastrous in the past. Now, we can nip that problem in the bud.

Still have lots of desk arranging to do, but the bulk of the heavy lifting is done. All and all, a good weekend well spent, I say.
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