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the Good: got my Shirt.Woot in today. It's rare right now I can afford buying new clothes, and my shirts are getting sad. So getting a new shirt for ten dollars and one with Schrodinger's Cat on it makes me happy.

the Bad: I tried to update my personal website. This is something I've been trying to do for months but keep getting hindered by lack-of-tech-support. Finally broke down and tried to update it the hard way, by hand (instead of the auto-updater that one's suppose to use). Unfortunately, this broke the site. Badly.

the Ugly: It also broke the Adventures of Blanc site too.

At this point I'm really frustrated about the web-hosting. It should not have broken the way it did. And the fact that, in the past, I can't really get an answer out of folks makes me very, very grumpy. But I can't afford to go to commercial hosting. Blanc's ads, my only source of revenue coming in besides the allowance that James gives me to pay off my student loan every month, does not in come close to cover hosting fees as any place I would be comfortable working with.

Main place I'm looking at is DreamHost right now. I'm already familiar with them due to running the Radio website there. The unlimited traffic there is nice since Adventures of Blanc occasionally, thou rarely, get's slash.dotted.

So now I get to stew in my own juices until either A) the current hosting gets back to me, or B) I come up with the money to change hosting services and be done with it.

I think I shall spend the day backing up my hard drives. That should keep me busy for the rest of the week. ~.~
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Ebin & May has updated!

Got another page inked last night for Ebin and May #38. I now have 3 pages left to go for the episode. Once I get that done, I can work on the next Adventures of Blanc.

Checked the Money and no horseback riding for me this week. heck I don't even have any money to put gas in the van to *get* to the ranch. Say la via. Just means I can save up for next week.

But Fickle Muse did awesome in Ulduar last night! )

Off to work for me.
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*shakes fist* As if my sleep schedule wasn't completely f@#k as it was... grrrr!

Have Inked 3 out of 7 pages of the new Ebin and May. Had to stop there as I'm still waiting on Baron to get back to me with the back grounds on 4-7.

New Adventures of Blanc is up. Didn't make my weekly mark. Just one day shy of it. Feh.

Still sore form riding last week. Had Gabby this last time, a Morgan who's a bit more on the cantankerous side of things. I will be honest, I'm having a harder time now that I'm being pushed into more advanced riding. Shawn says it's because I'm not assertive with my commands. He's right, but I'm trying to figure out *how* to be assertive. I need more time on horseback than just once every 2 weeks and it's really starting to show. But that's what I can afford right now, so that's what I do.

Off to work and deal with a bit of guild drama (Not Muse side, they are all cool).
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Actually got up at a decent time today to get some work done.

Currently, that means getting Ebin and May penciled. On page 5 of 7 so that's moving right along.

I'm hoping once I get the pencils are done I can sit down and do some "writting" on what comes next, for both Ebin and May and Adventures of Blanc.

No horsies for me today. T-T
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Here's where things stand.

Commissions (outstanding):

JAnderson: Almost done! Just have the hammock to do and a couple of final touches. Will need a place to ship it too soon.

Reto: Done (some time ago) - waiting for email response.

Chmarr: Need to reinstall programs. Model's Done, Rigging's Done. It's getting all the textures painted that's killing me. ^.^

Theo: Need to start, but have ideas rolling around my head.

Need to backup and update all websites (Personal, AoB, all Radio sites). This will be a joy and a half. ~.~
Need to update ad boxes on Radio site.
Need to create ads for Duncan & Mallory and Coyote.

Ebin & May: Episode 38 written and laid out. Blue line pages have been printed. Now I just need to do the art.

Adventures of Blanc: Yes, I know it's been forever since I last updated. Xmas, followed by 3 weeks of plague followed by me messing up my hands has not helped. But it's on the docket, right after I get JAnderson's commission taken care of. Sorry for the wait.

Am I missing anything? o.0
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Ebin and May and Bureau of Mana Investigation Updating like Clockwork!
Adventures of Blanc skips a week due to Xmas (and my dad hogging my computer to play WoW).

Holidays were good here. Folks came down and we invited Kris K. over (since he was all alone this Xmas) for a nice Ham dinner. James and I had gotten a Meat Thermometer for Baron which he very much liked. In turn, Baron got ma a gold fish key chain that has eyes that lite up and a sound chip to make it burble. Is kute! <3

But the real treat was Monday when Baron took the entire household to the tech museum to see the Star Trek exhibit before it goes a way at the end of the week. Nicely done, but it did have some inaccuracies (Spock's station was next to Uhura's, not on the other side of the room). It had some of the sets from both Original and Next Gen along whit then film models, prop reconstructions, and costumes.

What I found most fascinating was Uhura's original uniform. Unlike the pattern given in the old Technical Manual by Fraz Joseph, this was actually a pretty nice piece of complected seamstry work. It had a wonderful A-symmetry to it with it's four-panel construction, single front (and back) pleat, and all the seems coning to point to the rank insigna just under the color. I wish I had my sketch book on me. I'd never look good in that thing due to my weight, but it would have been a blast to try sew.

lol, like I have time...

Off to work on the next episode of Ebin and May. These are getting slower and more difficult to wright since we're getting into the really ugly part of the story. It's always darkest before the dawn.
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Bureau of Mana Investigation has updated
also, Adventures of Blanc updated on Friday.

Today is shot day for me. In a weird short of way I actually look forward to Shot day. Each shot is closer to being rid of my allergies and being healthier.

Tried to sit down and work on Ebin & May last night only to be stonewalled. *I WANT MY CREATIVITY BACK!* Ba.

Finished watching Stargate SG1. As, par typical with this type of long term show I have writing issues. A far chunk is continuity based, but most is ... how do I best put it ... lack of foresight on behalf of the writers/directors/producers. A lot of it comes down to too many cooks working the stew-pot. And not good thoughts on how to handle things, and taking the easy way out with big explosions.

Perfect example was actually the last episode of the last season.

One of the races that the Tarri had an alliance with was the Azguard. The Azguard, for the most part, were something of a Deus Ex Machina for the show. They were supper powerful, almost godlike, but were mostly kept in check with the excuse that "they have their own troubles to deal with elsewhere" and didn't share most of their tech due to "humans being too young". Meh - a hand wave at best but believable political move.

The Azguard were suffering from a genetic breakdown after generations of cloning and brain taping. They could no longer reproduce biologically and were searching for a way out for this genetic dead end. So their last attempt to fix the issue sped things up dramatically and the decision was made to take their own lives (the entire planet), than suffer the pain of the genetically introduced disease that would, supposedly kill them anyway.

Since they knew they were on their deathbed, Thor (SG-1's main contact with the Azguard) can to SG-1 and gave them the entire Azguard knowledge base in an attempt to leave some sort of legacy of their existence behind. After a quick goodbye, the Azguard homeworld exploded.

So my problem?

First off, these are the Azguard. They are not just allied with SG-1, Thor and others are out and out friends with many team members. So what happens when the world explodes? Nary a tear was shed for them. Not even a sniffle. I don't know about you, but I sure would not stand by to watch my friends commit mass suicide when I didn't agree with it. And even if I couldn't do anything about it, I sure wouldn't shrug it off and get on with the plot.

Second, these are the Azguard, masters of brain taping. They are shown, more than once, the ability to download their ghosts (for lack of a better term, thank you Shiro) into computers to upload later into a more organic form. At this point in their evolution, the Azguard are already biological computers pure designed to house their individual ghosts. Why not take that next step and just make a mechanical form? Or better yet, make a completely new biological form that was not derived from the original Azguard stock at all? There are a lot of possibilities to take here. And heck, with that many possibilities, it wouldn't have to happen on a species level but purely an individual one.

But nooOOoo, they had to blow up the planet taking all life with it. This of course, leaves a mega huge power-vaccum in the galactic political structure. The Azguard were really powerful players and had several shepherd worlds under there umbrella. The fall out would be massive. Which would be fine, if they plan to go into that as a story line. But I'm not holding my breath. (I have not seen the DvD movies as of yet, who knows, I could be wrong)

This is only one example. There are others like it throughout the series. Most of them feel more like cop-outs that real story crises and resolutions. It, when you get down to it, is a form of Munchkinism: the pure desire to do something bigger and grander than the last thing, at the expense of story as a whole (why worry about making a good story when we can haz bigger explosions - I foundz loophole in the bible that supports this!).

While I found SG-1 rather entertaining overall and am glad I got a chance to see it, things like this, that got worse as the seasons went on, is why I really don't watch TV anymore. I want a little more consistency in my stories that weekly serials can provide.

Anyway that's my 2-cent rant.

Back to work for me.
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Bureau of Mana Investigation has Updated! In fact, it just hit chapter 3. ^.^
Also, Ebin and May updated yesterday too.

Been watching season 10 of Stargate SG1 on Hulu - all I can say it SG1+Garry Andersen = Must scrub my brain out now! owe...

More Art block all week. This makes me really grumpy since I know to get things back on track I need to get back into doing a comic page a day.

My depression is setting in hard in that I have not been able to earn money to buy gifts for people this year. Not even to make cards. I try not to think about it but it really stresses me out. My folks are coming down for Xmas and I have nothing to give them... again. I am a horrid Daughter.

Must. Not. Think. About. It.

Need to do and post Adventures of Blanc today. I've gone an entire month now with regular Friday updates, I can't slip now.

I haven't eaten at all yet today. Maybe I should go make some lunch first and take my meds. So much for going to the ranch today to scoop horse poo. In a stupid sort of way I was actually looking forward tot that (I try to do that for every week I can't afford a horse lesson)... Food and AoB first though.

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Adventures of Blanc has Updated!
Bureau of Mana Investigation has Updated!

Almost didn't make getting AoB done this week, with the new WoW patch and my arms being so achy from riding yesterday. But I did. Go me!
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Ebin & May has Updated! (updated yesterday but forgot to post about it like a duffus)
Bureau of Mana Investigation has Updated!

Got a whole mess of web-ads done for Ebin and May this week, one for each format carried by Project Wonderful. If you want o help spread the word please feel free to use them unaltered as links to the webcomix. You can find them all here at the bottom of the page. ^.^

Now it's on to building a set for BMI too.

Unforcutanly, I was sidetracked Yesterday by WoW's Patch day.

Good things: they fixed the summoning stones... finally.

The new dungeon PuG finder works well so far. Only used it twice, got one rolling group and one group where the tank rolled too fast and was not keeping track on there the healer (me, on Kitzal) was. To be honest, I'm really suprized I still kept everyone up. Shocked the snot outta me.

Bad things: I really dislike what they did to Looking for Raid. It's much harder to use than the old Looking for Group system and they really hid it under the raid tab. Most folks don't even know that it's there. Because of it (or lack there of), you pretty much have to just sit in Dalaran the entire time hoping something comes along in the LookingForGroup Channel (which is a bigger dead zone than GuildRecruitment) or sit in Trade with all the stupid people spamming idiocies. Not an upgrade there.

New Dungeon is fun but hard even on reg mode. Have not yet beat the last encounter of the last new 5-man. Minions of the Fickle Muse has a long running saying about Arthus wishing he'd "Put his HP where his mouth is"... well, he finally did, and... er.... we need better equipment. ^.^;

On my to-do list today; Work on BMI web-ads and do this week's Adventures of Blanc!
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Adventures of Blanc has updated!
Bureau of Mana Investigations has updated!

(Swiped from [ profile] tugrik)

This is what you get if you channel surf too fast! ^.^

cute animation filled with action. Don't blink, you might miss something.
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Bureau of Mana Investigations has updated!*

FYI - My email is hosed atm. I can receive just fine, but I can't send out. So if I need to email someone, don't be surprised if you get something from baron on my behalf. Sneaker-net FTW!

Today I have:

1. Downloaded all ad-templates from Project wonderful so I can start building ad campaigns for BMI, Ebin & May, and Adventures of Blanc.
2. Finished the next episode of AoB and uploaded it to update on Friday (I think be dropping to B&W was the key).
3. Backed up the entirety of Radio Comix Website.
4. Cut down watercolor paper for commissions (abkhan & jl_anderson)
5. Added my new, nifty plugin to AoB to help promote my other online comics.
6. Updated Radio Comix Site to the new version of WordPress (I had done this before, but apparently missed a sub-site).

Kind of grumpy that I'll have to call Shawn again and tell him I won't have the money for riding lessons tomorrow. Was suppose to go last week, but due to a financial snag, all the money for the lesson went into overdraft fees. I'm very worried that if this keeps up, Shawn's going to drop me as a student. But my hands are very tied. I just hate making excuses. ~.~

Diana ... I still need info from you for your commission ...

Time for me to go call Shawn... Ugh.

*I really should get back into the habit of announcing updates, even though they are now automatic on the sites. Guess I just got lazy.
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I finally broke down and added Project Wonderful add boxes to AoB. Didn’t really want to do it since AoB is not suppose to be a money generator in any way shape or form. But even pennies a day can go towards keeping the site up and going. Not put food on the table, mind you. Just to cover some of the monthly ins and out in keeping this site active.

If you’ve ever wanted your own web comic ads on AoB, now’s a great time to do so. ^.^

Since I haven't hears back form anyone about my previous commission list. I assume that it's in good standing. If anyone listed here wants a change on their commission, speak now! I want to get these done and off my docket so that I can take more in hopes to earn enough money to continue my horseback riding lessons (and gas money to get to them).


Been very frustrated this past week. Wanted so much to get another lesson in, but didn't have the money for even just driving over to the ranch and hanging out with my sketch book in hand. I know my art doesn't sell, but I need to try something. It's not like I'm getting any money with my webcomics and webwork with said.

Its frustrating being poor. lol
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First off: new Adventures of Blanc (About freak'n time!)

Second: Tiger Team Three! New magic-girl fun from Mark Moore now up at Radio Comix! I've always loved Marks stuff. His inks are the Bomb, IMHO. And this story is all new. ^.^ *happy fangirl squee*

Unfortunately, I've been sick most of this past week. Still feeling kind of under the weather but trying to work though it without pushing myself. Also being trying my best to get back into a nine-to-five work schedule, ie-swing my sleep schedule around so that I'm not up all night long watching TV. Believe it or not this is not easy, and I think it's added to my lingering illness that should have passed quickly. Feh, but it must be done.

Now that Radio's site more settled in and moving right a long, it's off to the art grindstone as I try and finish the art I have owed to folks. This may take some time, but I *am* trying to get onto it and just not ignoring it.

Just a quick check - this is a quick list of all I owe art to (and have yet to finish).


Anyone here I'm missing?

Awol AoB

Oct. 27th, 2009 12:40 am
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You know - it's really hard to work on Adventures of Blanc when the Sand Gnomes have taken off with my inks. Spent all day looking for them (and their scans) to come up empty handed. Didn't help that I spent all night last night working on hack squashing.

But I'm finding it really frustrating that every time I try working working on AoB (or anything else for that matter) I get stonewalled.

Very grumpy. ~.~
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Last night was my last basic horsemanship class. As a refresher and a test for my allergies, it was a success. My allergies didn't kill me. And I learned a lot of good basics. Particularly with saddles, since when I originally learned to ride It was done with a bareback pad. What I found really nice was the teacher Shawn spend a lot of time talking about how to read a horse's body language and good basic horse psychology. Something my previous training never even touched on.

My teacher, Shawn, wants to see me back next week to start actual riding lessons. This, of course, means I need to come up with the 40.00 per class. [sarcasm]Joy[/sarcasm]. And no, I am not open to commissions to come up with the funds. Commissions are too unreliable and I really do not want to take any new ones until the old ones are complete. I really wish all the web-work that I've been doing paid.

Speaking of web-work... If any of you hear me ever say "Sure, I'll help with your website", please lock me up in a dank, dark cell until that web-creating feeling goes away. Been spending way too much time playing whack-a-mole with hackers recently and it's really pissing me off since it's taking away time I could be using for things like... Oh... Adventures of Blanc.

But for now... Laundry.
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You know... it's kind of hard to letter the next Ebin & May and Adventures of Blanc, when you can't find the layouts (with all the wording).

I think it's time to clean my desk up. ~.~

Of which - Question ~ I've noticed in the vote codes Bureau of Mana Investigation is hanging around 500s, AoB is 550s, but Ebin and May (which I was to understand was my most popular story) is nearly 1,000s. Is this discrepancy due to posting times? (BMI posted 3 days a week, while Ebin and May only post twice a week.) Or is my perception off in what people like of my work?

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Gah - looks like all the upgrading on WordPress for the Adventures of Blanc (and probably my personal site) was for not. They got in and turned my hard work into a spam/maulwear site.

Why do I even bother...

*head desk*
*head desk*
*head desk*

I'm going to spend all evening ripping out the affected pages. hopefully I won't have to rip the whole site apart, but I won't say that's not an option...

Edit: Argh - I can't figure out what's been compromised and what hasn't.

*head desk*
*head desk*
*head desk*

New Art

Aug. 10th, 2009 02:52 pm
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Rose in Pearls by ~SmudgeDragon on deviantART

Told you I was working on a new Rose painting. ^.~

Desert Rose deck up in pearls for her appearance at a charity dinner on the arm of Senator Mrragi. Though some do wonder if it's Mrragi who's on her arm instead.

I've gone and made prints available for purchase though DA. I have no clue of the print quality there so if anyone on the off chance gets one, please report back. ^.^

With that done -- it's on to trying to create a backlog for Adventures of Blanc which sorely needs updating. Wee!
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More sketches, this time of angels and extinct critters.

Matt and Jay
Sabercat and Tazmainain Tiger


Been working on a new Desert Rose painting at night. My current plan of attack is finish that, Do a month+ work of AoB's then start the next Ebin and May. Here's hoping I can keep on track.


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