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Not a great day.

Spent most of the day trying to diagnose why the colors for the painting I'm working on are coming out super bright when I post them over at Patreon.

In part of the testing process, I had to jump on Baron's Mac with nearly disastrous results as, when I tried to scroll down, ended up moving my working folder for ALL my projects, old and new. Yeah - Nearly gave myself a heart-attack trying to relocate it and move it back. At least I didn't loss it. That would have been soul-crushing.

As it is, I have determined the source of my color space issues.

Answer: my Cintiq sucks. My model is apparently one of the ones notorious for bad color space and no way to change it short of reloading the pic into Photoshop, displayed on my main monitor, and tweak the colors back into alignment when finished.

I am not in a happy place right now. Putting art away and watching brainless anime. I'm 2 season's behind anyways.
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Okay so it's been literately decades since I've done any hand-drawn animation. Bad me. I did this testing out Flash and my Cintiq to see if I finally got them to play nice with each other. I did, as you can see.

However - it's obvious that my skills have atrophied... badly. I did try and clean this up with laughable results and much hand-cramping.


Critiques requested. Be fair and Honest.
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So recently I inherited an Wacom Cintiq tablet/monitor for doing work on the computer. For the most part it's a real upgrade and is one of the things that gives me confidence about doing Project Garefowl in Color.

However, I'm having trouble trying to get a good setup for it. Right now, If I move Photoshop down to the Cintiq, it continues to pop dialog boxes on the main screen. This is really annoying since when I'm working on the Cintiq, I'm at my drawing board, not my computer station. Also, While I'm doing image processing, the Cintiq gets in the way, but I have to drag Photoshop back to my main desktop panel by panel (can't do it all at once). If I try just mirroring the screen of the main desktop to the Cintiq, because my main monitor is so much higher resolution from the Cintiq, the main monitor tries to display at the Cintiq's size and proportions.

None of these are really optimum. So I though I would ask others out there who use a Cintiq what their setups are and how, if at all, they dealt with these issues.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: oh - here's my current system -
Win 7
Cintiq 12X/15UX (We have 2 - one for me one for Baron, still deciding who gets what)
Photoshop 5.5 (*not* CS 5.5)


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