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Thank you for sticking it out while I've been convalesing. Being sick for two weeks solid has been no fun. Still not truly over it but I'm well enough to try and resume at least some work.

To be honest, it's been really hard to get outta bed with the US in the knots it's been in. Watching as good friends, neighbors, and colleagues suddenly get thrown onto political chopping blocks for things that should be protected under the contitution, is more than a little disheartening. I pray things work out for the right and soon, and I know good folks like the ACLU (to name one) are on the job. I just hope they can act quicky enough before irreparable damadge is done.

Unfortunately, during my convalescence, my subscription for Maya LT bounced. This means that I can't work on E'ara for a while. Dosn't mean I won't be working on the short thou. I still have boards to clean up. So I'll probably concentrate on that instead.

Another thing I have been working on is slowly updating the Radio Comix Site for Elin as a B-Day gift to her. I'm about 1/2 way done with that project. I am currently making the site is Mobile/Tablet friendly, and will be updating the front page last to be less bloggy and more "This is who we are and what we do" with the added advantage that the site doesn't have to be poke often on our end while keeping good info up for others.

Between all this, my commission docket is mighty empty. If you want a commission by me, now's the time to speak up!

I think that's it for news from me. Will hopefully have something visual to post later this week.

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You know, I use to find this easy. But as the technology has advanced it has acutally become more and more obtruse to the point of unworkable.

Case in point. Maya LT on Steam did another major update, breaking my model as I was just getting it finalized. Because it's subscription, I have noway to tell it not to update, and no way to revert. At least Adobe got that right with thier cloud model.

I've cleaned up the corrupted data as best as I could, and exported it out to Unreal only to find that the FBX exporter is dropping REALLY IMPORTANT sections of my model.

Yeah - I think I'm gonna take some time off and open my commission docket this week. I ment to do it last week, but I was so close to getting to stick a fork in this thing that I just plowwed though instead. But this... I don't know if I can recover from this.

So, I'm having a nasty round of medical hit money wise. Nothing life threatening but stuff that adds up quickly. New glassess after my old ones broke at a really inconvenit time, me hurting my back over the weekend, and dental coming up fast after loosing peices of fillings on two teeth, means lots of outta poket.

To help offest costs, I'm opening up 4 commission slots to start with.

$40.00 gets you a single character sketch either Traditional or Digital,
$60.00 for inks Traditional or Digital,
$100.00 color Digital Only,
$150.00+ for Traditional Watercolor.

All work will be 8 1/2" x 11" in size. PG 13 max subject matter. I reserve the rights to refuse any subject for any reason.

Drop me a note on FA or DA or use this contact form here, and we'll see what we can do.
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Mirrored from Smudge Marks & Engel Werks.

This have been really busy here at SM-EW this past week. Baron is getting ready for BABScon tomorrow and is currently matting his little heart out. He's got a panel in the artshow, so if you happen to be going to the show, please feel free to stop buy the artshow room and check it out. Here's a quick look at some of the stuff he'll be hanging:

As far as things here on the site - We have found a new project management system, Project Panorama, that I think in the long run will be a lot better than our previous one. It's a lot simpler for one, and it was expressly designed to be a communication tool between clients and services, so using it as a quick reference for who has what commission and at what point it's currently at is going to be great. It's already up and going for select commissions and will be filling in the other outstanding work in the next week or two. Please note - you need to have a login to as well as an outstanding commission to be able to see this feature.

I have also been busy redoing the code to make the site much more mobile friendly. I still have a ways to go with the menu bar and the gallery pages, but it's moving along at a steady pace. Next up on my work docket - getting our SSL in place so we can take cards directly online. Until then, it's PayPal via the shopping cart or contact us and we can send you an invoice that is credit card capable, via our merchant service. Once that gets all in place, it's time to start filling out more of the online store. ^.^

In future news, once Baron gets back from BABScon, we'll be making him a Patreon account. We know several people have asked for this and we listen! So keep your eyes peeled.

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Mirrored from Smudge Marks & Engel Werks.

Just a heads up to Commissioners - due to an error (then followed by the worst tech support I've ever seen), we are going to be migrating to new a project management system.

Yes, I know we just got this last one installed and were just starting to put it though real-world stress tests.

This sill take a while to get it all in and working again. However it will not affect Baron's current schedule for turning work out.

Thank you for your understanding.

In the meantime, have a interwebs cat. Cats make everything better.


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Bureau of Mana Investigations has updated!*

FYI - My email is hosed atm. I can receive just fine, but I can't send out. So if I need to email someone, don't be surprised if you get something from baron on my behalf. Sneaker-net FTW!

Today I have:

1. Downloaded all ad-templates from Project wonderful so I can start building ad campaigns for BMI, Ebin & May, and Adventures of Blanc.
2. Finished the next episode of AoB and uploaded it to update on Friday (I think be dropping to B&W was the key).
3. Backed up the entirety of Radio Comix Website.
4. Cut down watercolor paper for commissions (abkhan & jl_anderson)
5. Added my new, nifty plugin to AoB to help promote my other online comics.
6. Updated Radio Comix Site to the new version of WordPress (I had done this before, but apparently missed a sub-site).

Kind of grumpy that I'll have to call Shawn again and tell him I won't have the money for riding lessons tomorrow. Was suppose to go last week, but due to a financial snag, all the money for the lesson went into overdraft fees. I'm very worried that if this keeps up, Shawn's going to drop me as a student. But my hands are very tied. I just hate making excuses. ~.~

Diana ... I still need info from you for your commission ...

Time for me to go call Shawn... Ugh.

*I really should get back into the habit of announcing updates, even though they are now automatic on the sites. Guess I just got lazy.
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Today, I'm hoping to get the majority of BMI vol.1 Complied and ready for printing. This book is going to be a genie pig of sorts. But it will be nice to get it done and out there. No official word on a publishing date as of yet.

Also thinking about publishing a book of Midnight Kitties as Xmas gifts. Still undecided yet though. If I put one together, would folks be interested in purchasing them? If not, no biggy, but I want to make it available in case someone was interested.

Also hoping to sit down and make new ads for BMI/Ebin&May/Blanc so I can get the word out that they exist.

And the commission rundown for the day --

Ch'marr -- need to reinstall programs to continue
abakan -- Pencil/rough sent and waiting for approval
jl_anderson -- Pencil approved! Waiting for art store to get materials in so I can start on the final (I'm out of masking fluid atm).
dhstein -- need more info

Off to work for me.
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So here's where things stand atm --

Ch'marr -- need to reinstall programs to continue
abakan -- Pencil/rough sent and waiting for approval
jl_anderson -- Pencil/rough sent and waiting for approval
dhstein -- need more info

And just a heads up, Radio has project Wonderful ads available on Ebin and May and Bureau of Mana Investigations. If you've ever wanted to advertise along side any of my comic work, nows a great time to do so!
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I finally broke down and added Project Wonderful add boxes to AoB. Didn’t really want to do it since AoB is not suppose to be a money generator in any way shape or form. But even pennies a day can go towards keeping the site up and going. Not put food on the table, mind you. Just to cover some of the monthly ins and out in keeping this site active.

If you’ve ever wanted your own web comic ads on AoB, now’s a great time to do so. ^.^

Since I haven't hears back form anyone about my previous commission list. I assume that it's in good standing. If anyone listed here wants a change on their commission, speak now! I want to get these done and off my docket so that I can take more in hopes to earn enough money to continue my horseback riding lessons (and gas money to get to them).


Been very frustrated this past week. Wanted so much to get another lesson in, but didn't have the money for even just driving over to the ranch and hanging out with my sketch book in hand. I know my art doesn't sell, but I need to try something. It's not like I'm getting any money with my webcomics and webwork with said.

Its frustrating being poor. lol
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First off: new Adventures of Blanc (About freak'n time!)

Second: Tiger Team Three! New magic-girl fun from Mark Moore now up at Radio Comix! I've always loved Marks stuff. His inks are the Bomb, IMHO. And this story is all new. ^.^ *happy fangirl squee*

Unfortunately, I've been sick most of this past week. Still feeling kind of under the weather but trying to work though it without pushing myself. Also being trying my best to get back into a nine-to-five work schedule, ie-swing my sleep schedule around so that I'm not up all night long watching TV. Believe it or not this is not easy, and I think it's added to my lingering illness that should have passed quickly. Feh, but it must be done.

Now that Radio's site more settled in and moving right a long, it's off to the art grindstone as I try and finish the art I have owed to folks. This may take some time, but I *am* trying to get onto it and just not ignoring it.

Just a quick check - this is a quick list of all I owe art to (and have yet to finish).


Anyone here I'm missing?
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Current Goal: $395/$1559*rounded up (ECG - $1559 - past due)

Current Commission list:
Commission status - Still working on Chmarr's commission. Got the magor rigging and control rigging in and am now on to working with texturing. Looks like this model wants Fur. Fur eats the processor like no tomorrow, but the results can't be beat in this case.

Chmarr - changes made as specified. Rigging done. Working on texturing.
Reto - still need to get new contract to you.
Diana - Need to get you a contract too.

Sketches - Cmdr Kitsuni (one of two done).
*Still open for more sketches.

If your name is Ed and you called and left a message back in December, call me again. The Message Center(tm) ate your message before I could hear past "Hello Christina, it's Ed..." (and didn't tell me I had a message from December until yesterday. I really dislike AT&T. Xp).

Emo-Medical Drama pt. 3 )

TokyoPop - nothing + nothing is still nothing )

My only salvation for my saintly has been WoW )

Movies/Anime I've been watching lately
One of my roommates has gotten a bur in his bum and has been taking the household out to see movies this summer. Here's what I've seen so far.

Iron Man - GO SEE! I really enjoyed this film. I'd love to go see it again. I just wish I had the money too.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - I know a lot of folks have been panning it, but I found this movie a lot of fun. Yeah theres some pretty unbelievable things in it, but hey, it's PULP!, what can I say. I had a good time. In the end, that's what the movie's suppose to give me, so yeah, me likely. ^.^

Code Geass - Been watching this on Cartoon Network's Adult swim and am finding this intriguing. I just wish it wasn't on so late.

Ergo Proxy - For some reason this reminds me a lot of Bladerunner and some of Mobius' more sane works. I rather enjoyed it despite it's dark "he dies, she dies, they all die" storyline. I will say that it ends with a ray of hope so it's not all glum and all heck.

I think that's about it for now. Sorry to ramble.
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Current Goal: 395/781*rounded up (Carotid Artery Evaluation $781 5/28/08)

These numbers will adjust as things are payed off.

Just a reminder - I'm open for B/W sketches 20.00 each!

And art that's still for sale!

Commission status - Currently I'm nose to the grind stone on Chmarr's commission to try and get that out the door since it's the longest outstanding. While there's a few contracts that need to go out in the mail, I'm kind of putting them off to stay focused. I realize one of the issues I've been having lately is divided focus. I've got so many things/projects trying to vie for attention I end up getting nothing done. So I'm picking one and sticking to it like glue 'till it's done. Contracts will be sent as soon as Chmarr's commission is done. (Give about 2 to 3 weeks).

Do note, I do not consider sketches as commissions. Commissions are large scale painting/other art that require real thought from me and/or research and preparation. Sketches are something I do at the end of the day to wind down while watching TV and are very zen-like in nature. Think of sketch books at cons and you get the idea. ^.^

Chmarr - changes made as specified. Currently rigging.
Reto - still need to get new contract to you.
Diana - Need to get you a contract too.

Sketches - none currently

Other stuff - Tibo - I'll be getting your painting in the mail as soon as I can find a box for it.The packing supply store I liked to use just shut down and I need to go scrounged for a new one.

And in WoW new .... Minions of the Fickle Muse dose Molten Core. )

I think that's about it. If I've missed stuff, like mentioning someone's commission, or you'd like a B/W sketch reply and I'll get things together. ^.^


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