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Dreaming of Warmer Days

Done. Not perfect, but done.

Been poking at this forever. Originally started when I heard about Prince's death. Timed to play with 'Raspberry Barrette', it should work well with any piece of music that is composed of a 4/4 beat.

Yeah, I failed cleanup at CalArts. This kind of shows it.

Done completely in Clip Studio Paint EX
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Rose leaf Shinobi by ~SmudgeDragon on deviantART

Been watching a lot of Naruto lately, as a way to get me away from the computer and let my hand recover. And then, rose said she wanted to Cosplay a little. So, here she is as a random Ninja from the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

This took me a week + to do as I was drawing and inking this in small spurts. And all the Kunai drove me nuts. Forced prospective is not my fortai but at least they are passable.
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Done in Flash.

Don't laugh too hard - I haven't hand animated in years. Was trying an experiment where I'd block out my big volumes first with circles and stuff. Helped me keep my volumes nicely for where I used them. For the most part it worked out successfully, though by the end of the night my hand hurt... lots. At this point I have no clue if I can even clean this up or not. Too bad I blow at drawing with a tablet. Yeah, a Cintiq would be awesome and would probably make this a lot more feasible. Maybe when I'm rich. ^.^

New Art

Aug. 10th, 2009 02:52 pm
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Rose in Pearls by ~SmudgeDragon on deviantART

Told you I was working on a new Rose painting. ^.~

Desert Rose deck up in pearls for her appearance at a charity dinner on the arm of Senator Mrragi. Though some do wonder if it's Mrragi who's on her arm instead.

I've gone and made prints available for purchase though DA. I have no clue of the print quality there so if anyone on the off chance gets one, please report back. ^.^

With that done -- it's on to trying to create a backlog for Adventures of Blanc which sorely needs updating. Wee!
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More sketches, this time of angels and extinct critters.

Matt and Jay
Sabercat and Tazmainain Tiger


Been working on a new Desert Rose painting at night. My current plan of attack is finish that, Do a month+ work of AoB's then start the next Ebin and May. Here's hoping I can keep on track.
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Yeah - so I'm still doodling. Desert Rose tends to be a favorite subject of mine when nothing else is pressing. I should do more with her, but she seems to insists to play an "actress", running around in the background of other projects, or doing "fun" stuff and not really caring.

Can't really blame her. ^.^

Desert Rose Doodle 01
Desert Rose Doodle 02
Desert Rose Doodle 03
Bored Rose
Ginko Rose

Enjoy the sketches of Desert Rose, being, well, Rose.
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So ... I've finally feeling well enough to start poking at some of my animation projects again. Digging though the archive, I deleted a bunch of non-relevant test anims to try and squeak a few more megs out of my too-full hard-drive and finally dig up the last render of "Longing for Home". Well, that's as good of a place to start as any.

Here's the current move as it stands --
And here's what I started with back in 2005 --

Current to-do list for the film

Backgrounds/Texture maps --
1) Star field needs to be replaced. I had originally asked Baron to paint a nice one up for me but RL nixed that. Maybe I should bug Pat Duke for one instead. Hummm.

2) Need to paint up the grassy field too. Have a drawing of it that I need to scan and then its Photoshop O' Rama time and pray I just don't destroy it entirely. As you can see, I have great confidence in my painting abilities. ;p

3) Forest needs to be replanned. As you can see in the video, there's a weird error that's occurring with the toon line where it intersects the transparency of the tree models. Not good. I'll probably have to render the shot with three separate passes: The background trees, Rose, and the foreground trees that pass in front of her, then compile the entire shading-ding in my editing program. Oh, and I should think about repainting the trees and background too.

4) Cliff painting. Right now it's just a bare model with a flat colored surface for a place holder. Need to pant a nifty sky too. Maybe with some little puffy clouds... and pray I don't look like crap.

5) Need to texture the ship. Badly.

Animation --
1) Well, I new that I needed to "touch up" the recorder playing animation, but on review of the file I suddenly realized that it needs more than a touch up... since I animated the hands in the opposite position from how you play. DOH! Not so bad for most of the shots, but for the first shot where she pulls the pipe out... Oh-boy, am I in for a rough time. That first shot has a lot of constraints that it's dancing between and it mean I'll have to redue most if not all of those connections. Fun, fun, fun!

2) I still wish I could find the sheet music for this music. It'll make animating so much easier. But alas, for now it means that I need to try and match the notes with my own recorder that I can barely play and hope that I'm not too far off. Because I guaranty you, that within a month of putting a fork into the project and calling it done, some wise-ass piping fanatic on the internet will come forward and tell me all the thing I did wrong with the piping. My only consultation is that I'm not trying to do a train ....

Let's see how much farther I can get this thing. Done would be nice. But RL has a nasty habit of getting in the way. Dang, I wish I could make money at this. It would solve a lot of problems and keep me focused on finishing these much better. Alas - like in most art endeavors, there is no money in being an independent animator doing your own thing. Doesn't mean I can't wish, can I?


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