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Yes, that's right. I'm getting off my fat ass and writing again, thanks to NaNoWriMo. However, it's in the most tertiary of ways. I'm not on the website/forum. And I'm so not trying to make the prerequisite 2k words a day. If I tried that, my hand would be back in horrid shape again, just after I finally got it healed up enough to start working on Ebin and May again*.

I am, however, trying to sit down and write every day. That is at least a step in the right direction.

Only real problem... the story (really a series of short stories that are interconnected), is taking place in the same world/area that I want to run a RP campaign in. And this contains MAJOR spoilers. So... I can't really show it to anyone**. T-T

Well, I suppose I can cross that bridge once I'm done with the writing and need readers.

*Nothing posted yet, these pages are complicated and take much longer to do that previous installments so I'm trying to build a backlog before going live.
**Except Rindis, since he's helping me write up the campaign setting anyway.
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Good news, I got the Wallpaper for Ebin & May for Radio done and shipped off.

Bad news, apparently the universe hates me this week. Between one of my game accounts being hacked, getting accused of (and blocked for) being a 'Chinese farmer, and selling of in-game items for real-word cash' because of the hacker, and getting a $54.00 ticket for parking in front of my OWN DAMN house it's been loads of fun. This is of course not including all my allergies and sickness I've been fighting off for weeks now.

So, yeah. Not the best week ever, even if productive.

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This past couple weeks have been strange. Not bad just strange.

I've finally tackled the website slowness and fixed the issue with help from you guys. Thanks!

Been also working on the wallpaper for Radio's Indigogo campaign. Inked it in via Manga Studio yesterday and am now onto color blocking it. It should be done in another day or so. Been wanting to get more practice with all digital pieces anyways. So I'm using this assignment as an excuse.

The past few weeks I'm been fighting allergies BAD. Lots of post nasal drip leaving my esophagus swollen and sometimes difficult to swallow. Fortunately, it seems to have left my windpipe completely unhampered so breathing (short of a stuffed up nose) is unhindered. Talked with my doctor again last Tuesday and we've changed my meds again, though only minorly. It's working but not the extent I'd like. Still waking up with it raw but it clears not now during the day. Needless to say, this dose not make for a bright and cheery Smudge.

I did, however, have a great weekend. My Brother and his wife threw a surprise party for my folks 50th anniversary up in the gold country. So me, Baron and our roommate James all piled into Ken and drove up for it. We ended up staying overnight as what best can be described as a cozy dive. The place was old, as in built in the 40's old. It was clean and the staff were nice and helpful, but it really, really, really needed updating something bad. Beds were painful, pillows wimpy, rooms stuffy and full of cleaner smell (which wanted to set me off). Good for one night, but not much beyond that. The party however was very nice. Many of our relatives and friends of the family who are on the west cost came out. Though Mom was trying her best to foil my bro's plans to get her to the casino, it all worked out in the end. I though my dad's face was going to fall off he was smiling so much. All in all it was good.

Still trying to get back into the art groove. Will be a little bit before I can update Ebin & May again, but I'm working in that direction.

Proud Ebin

Mar. 6th, 2013 07:49 pm
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Ebin & May has updated -


Just a quick "I'm not dead yet," post.

Been working my butt off on so many Radio things and stressing trying to get the next chapter written, I think my health finally broke down. Fun..... NOT. So I'm now going slower than before. And stressing more because of it. C'est la vie.

I do have the first draft of the next chapter down and am currently mulling it over to see where my holes are and if it's *really* the chapter that is needed next (without writing myself into a ditch). With luck, I'll start posting it next week. That's my goal anyways. Wish me luck!
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Don't mind me - I'm just stressing out here.

So - as folks know, I've been heavily involved with Radio Comix's website and digital distro end of things for the past couple of years. I mostly took this volunteer work to try and build up a good structure at Radio for them to build their business on and, with great hopes, help prop up my titles that are published though them along with the entirety of the company.

I have accomplished a lot - got two good, stable and easily maintainable websites up and running ( and and posting on regularly, gotten Radio's foot in the door with both Comics Plus (iVerse) and Graphicly for digital distro, helped bring in a new artist to the website and possibly  more in the coming year.

But this year, my docket has really filled up with things to do, and more are getting added without much getting taken away. I need to contact and play editor to at least five different artists (thankfully, two of them are *very* easy to work with and need very little in the way of motivation, hand holding, or prodding). I'm also compiling books for several titles, some for digital distro, some for print. Normally, doing all these things would not be an issue. I don't mind doing them, and on many levels I actually enjoy doing them.

Just not all at once.

I guess the thing that's frustrating me most is that at the end of the day, I have very little time to work on my *OWN* comic, Ebin & May. And considering that Ebin & May is one of Radio's better read titles on the site, that hurts everyone. But if I don't do this other stuff, it literately won't get done.

But the Bunnies....


I know I'm pretty bad at time management. I know it's something I need to get better at. And it's worse when I tend to be a one-project-at-a-time kind of girl. But I suppose life is like that. Always getting in the way.

I'm hoping next week to push everything else Radio aside and just focus on getting the next Ebin and May story out the door. Once I have a script/layout I can better manage my workload and spread the pages to be done out and interspersed with everything else. But to write, I need big swaths of time, which at the moment I'm just not getting, to much frustration.

I should probably just put some sort of filler "I'm not dead yet" art up. Like I have time to do that too. ~.~

Okay - frustration rant over, I need to get back to work.
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Still so busy I can't see if I'm coming or going.

Have finally recovered from this years super nasty, highly virulent, and much lingering Flu. Still coughing a bit with some post-nasal drip, and sleeping much too much, but otherwise finally back to work.

One of the things I am supper behind on is the lettering and doing new covers for the digital version of Liberty from Hell. But man, it's looking so nice! Currently in the middle of issue 4 (of 6) and trying really hard for it to get out the door to hit the Comics Plus App at the end of the month.

Oh and Baron and I are officially tieing the knot this Thursday (Valentine's Day). We're having a small tiny ceremony up in the Gold Country (Sonora, CA) with much help from my parents. We were planing to just quietly go to a Judge here in Silicon Valley but beyond getting the marriage license, the bureaucracy of Santa Clara County defeated us. Mom-God to the rescue! One of her and Dad's bowling partners has a non-denominational license to marry folks, and he's graciously said he'd perform the ceremony. So we're doing it up there in a park next to the courthouse (subject to change).

At the moment I'm writing this as I'm waiting for the very bouncy [ profile] khromat to swing by and we'll go dress shopping, such as it is. No, we're not getting an uber wedding dress. Not with a budget of $50.00. I would feel so outta place in one of those formal things. Just something casual and white so I'm not standing in-front of our "minister" wearing BDU's and a geeky T-shirt. See, even I have some social morals about dress-code. ^.^

Needless to say, with everything going on, Ebin & May is going to be delayed a bit longer. Grumph! Everything is happening at once again. But that's life for you. ^.^
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Ebin & May has Updated - Maiden in Mail

Sorry for taking so long to post guys. I have been supper, uber sick. Well, super sick, better just in time for Con, then relapsed pretty hard after my meds wore out. I am getting better, but this thing is lingering and really does not wanna let go. ~.~

So, while I was sick, I did this piece of Fluffwiena. This will be my week-long bumper until I'm well enough to kick off the next chapter, hopefully next week. When I started, I told myself I'd do someone else of the cast and not Fluffy, but she had her way anyways. ^.^

I go crawl back under the covers now.
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Now that the holidays I can finally get back to doing Ebin & May pages! Woot!
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Ebin & May has Updated!

Well, can’t get much clearer an answer than that, Your Royal Highness.

Oh boy – all this chainmail is making the pages tardy – at least I got two up this week. ^.^

Assuming the world has not ended, I wish you all an awesome Holiday!
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Ebin & May Updated - the First Shot. pg 05

Gargle Bleck!

As you can see, I’m waaaay behind again. This last week has really kicked my but. Mostly over getting “Liberty from Hell” off to ePress. It was way behind schedule for this past issue and it literately pushed all my other work aside to make it’s deadline of Monday morning. Good news, it I just barley made my target date. Bad news is I had to pull an all-nighter to do it. I am just too old nowadays to pull that kind of stunt. While I had this paged inked for a while, by the time the all-nighter was done, I was in no condition to letter it. Lets just say, my lettering skills at that point were sub-optimal. I figured getting a good night sleep and lettering it in the morning was a good idea, so that’s the version you get here; Me, after a good night sleep. ^.^
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Ebin & May has Updated!

(For some reason the auto X-poster to LJ is not working so I'm hand doing this one and tracking it down later.)

So this script is taking me longer than I originally anticipated. Mostly because I keep getting sidetracked by other work that's screaming for attention now, Now, NOW! So, I'm delayed yet another week. Feh.

In the meantime, enjoy a little flash animation of May. ^.^
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Ebin and May Digital Cover 01 by *SmudgeDragon on deviantART
ZOMG! New art~! Lookout! the world is going to end! @.@

Seriously though, here's a quick pic of Ebin & May that's going to be used for a digital distribution issue version. More info coming soon as we get all our ducks in a row. ^.^
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Ugh - I think I just crammed a weeks worth of web-work on the Radio Comix site into the last 4 hours. All to play catch-up from be being sick for the past few days. But I think I'm all caught up for now.

Well, all except for Ebin & May. Hope to get to some penciling this afternoon, but I know I'm going to be behind on that for a while.

Feeling very numb over the news about Henry Bestwick's, aka Waarhorse, passing. He was a good friend and both Baron and I are going to miss him greatly.

The oven just dinged - time to get lunch in my gullet and get on with the day's work.
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Ugh - Feeling under the weather. Been spending the last day or so in and out of bed. Needless to say, this is wreaking havoc with my work schedule. So, yeah - looks like I won't be able to get Ep. 41 started for Ebin & May until next week.

Sorry folks ~ My health comes before my hobby.
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Thank you one and all for the Birthday wishes yesterday. It was quite unexpected and wonderful!

Spent the day unabashedly doing... work. nice, boring work. Weeee. Expect some changes to the Radio Comix front page very soon! I do plan to have a small, quite get-together with my folks this coming weekend to celebrate both my birthday and my Dad's (who's turning... yikes!... 80!). No clue where we're going to go for that, but we'll figure out something.

As for today, it's inking the next page of Ebin & May to post for tomorrow. I really don't like cutting my art-to-post times so close. Extra pressure I don't need. But I didn't get the pencils for the backgrounds off of Baron until last night. And trust me when I say that I could never have done these background and it looks AWESOME! I just hope I don't kill it all in the inking process.

Anyways - thank you all once again!
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Ebin & May vol.2 on dead trees

Woot! Got the physical copies of the new Ebin & May vol.2 GN in yesterday and the free bookmark handouts today!

*happy dragon is happy!*
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So - I got the surprise of my life recently. Some time ago, one of the machines that holds a lot of our household backups died. We have been recovering a lot of files and such so I though everything was fine.

But in compiling the Ebin and May Graphic Novel, I found that one of the chapters working files were missing. I got real lucky and found print ready files else wear on my harddrive in a different folder I had complied just for doing the GN, else they would have been gone too.

And today - I found all my working files for Liberty from Hell gone as well. This really craps me out because I was hoping to reprocess them into their original sepia toned washes for web/Digital Download. But the shear thought of completely recreating the digital files from scratch I think is more work than it's worth.

Lesson learned - be more anal about backups of my projects.

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I've been working for some time getting the next Ebin & May GN together to have it out for Further Confusion in January. In the process of complimenting it, I've realized that I somehow skipped a complete chapter, 34 - Counting Heads, when posting it to the web.

I will be posting it once the current chapter ends. Hopefully I can get it to drop into the current sequence with the archives too.

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Been scanning a lot this past week, getting Trouble Express ready to go to Digital Distro. Unfortunately, I'm really behind.

Birthright will have to skip an update day as I will be scanning the episode over the weekend. And it's the last episode we have on-hand. Hopefully, Steve will send more soon. *hope, hope*

I also need to scan Eureka! now that it's site is ready to rumble. Spent a lot of time recently getting that into shape and I'm really proud of that, despite non-helpful program support.

I still need to get a new site built for a new story coming into Radio. Really looking forward to getting that all online as I think it's a neat tale, but UGH - all the scanning to do before that can happen....

And somewhere in all this I need to do my own books. Ebin & May is almost complied for Vol.2. Just need to create the spine piece and output the PDF of the interior. Elin says despite Battleship 2012, Project Garefowl is a go. But what time to do it in... ? @.@

So yeah - this is why I'm not online much atm. Sorry guys.


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