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Sorry upfront for the rant. Feel free to skip.

Just spent the day at the walk-in clinic due to severe head pressure and stabby face pains. Typically, this is a hard indication of sinus infection. But, according tot he doctor and the X-Rays, I have no infection. Just regular allergies. Allergies that make my face feel like it's infected. Again.

One thing that came out of this is he was able to write me a prescription for QNasl that I could hand to the pharmacist. This is actually a big deal. And an expensive one.

I have been asking for this particular med for over 2 years now. And my currently assigned allergist keeps writing prescriptions, sending them off to insurance, insurance refuses to pay because there is no generic version, and the Doctor doesn't followup to force the matter with the insurance. The Insurance company then does NOT hand the prescription over to the pharmacist to give me the option of self-paying. Yet it's only the QNasl that really works for me. I have tried other nasal sprays and while they open me up just enough to be able to breath, they don't help get back deep into my sinus to open them up too. Thus I get a slowly building pressure in my head that never clears until I have to drive my self, crying in pain, to the Urgent Care Doc-in-a-Box.

So now I have 1 prescription filled, with one re-fill on file. At the low self-pay price of... $260.00. I have an appointment with my old, far more awesome allergist office on Friday to see if I can get my Sudafed refilled, something my assigned allergist won't write.

This means I can kiss that Cintuq I've been trying to save for goodbye. I'd rather breath and be without pain in the long-run. At least now, working as Baron's office assistant, I have a trickle of income that can support this. Something I didn't have 2 years ago.

C'est la vie.
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Sorry, this situation is so fracked that I'm just about on the boiling point. Normally I keep stuff like this from public space, but if I don't vent, I'm gonna explode.

So, last week, I had a filling fall out from one of my teeth. It was the 2nd tooth on the upper right. Well, it didn't so much fall out as crack, leaving behind 1/2 the filling and a pretty sharp, jagged edge rubbing against my inside lip. Fortunately, it did not hurt at all. Since Baron had finally put me on his insurance back in April, we made an appointment with his dentist to get the filling replaced.

So I go in, fill out all the paperwork for a new patient and sit down in the chair for the examination. After an Xray of the offending tooth, we talked about our options, mostly between a filling and a crown. The tooth actually has 2 fillings, one on each side, that nearly connects in the back. Because of that and the fact that it's in a high impact cutting area of the mouth, the chances of it fracturing at that weak point are high. Ie - it's going to need a crown sooner or later, did we wanna nip this off in the bud now? After a little thought and a phone call to Baron, I decided to get the fillings ($50 co-pay vs. $450.00 co-pay, yeah).

Biff, boom, bam; Tooth is filled again and I head home. A little soar in the jaw, but no worse for ware and any potential issues of the tooth's gaping hole getting worse nipped in the bud.

A few days latter I get a call from the dentist office - the insurance has declined to pay for the filling. Why? I wasn't out of the probationary period for getting fillings done. Wait, WHAT?!? We'd been paying since April, and I'm STILL in a probationary period? Apparently, I was fine for getting things like a checkup, or X-rays or a tooth cleaning, but not for anything found by those actions. Even better yet, according to the insurance, my probationary period for fillings ends ... 9/1. That's right. In less than a week. It two years probation for a crown, so I'm actually thankful I went with just the filling.

Look insurance, it's not like I wanted my filling to fall out, or that I did anything deliberate for it to fall out. It just did. Despite the best of intentions, health issues happen. But apparently, I am just a pile of money to them, and they aren't about helping take the edge off of trying to get an actual heath issue taken care of before it becomes something worse and more costly for everyone.

The dentist's office has been really kind over all this and has been bending over backwards trying to figure out something. They have literately spent hours on the phone with the insurance company trying to figure out some way to get them to pay. For now at least, they have offered us a payment plan that we'll be going with.

So in the end, despite me going on Barons insurance, we're having to pay, yet again, my medical out of our own pockets. And I have to really ask myself, what's the point of having medical insurance if I have to pay everything outta pocket anyways?
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I finally broke down and saw the doctor last week about the weird swelling in my legs. Good thing I did too.

Turns out my legs haven't been truly injured (more annoyed, really). However, I *was* really dehydrated. Apparently, the body does weird things when dehydrated, like conserving liquid that's suppose to be flushed and pooling them in the legs. The redness was a secondary skin infection that was trying really hard to set in.

Um, yeah. Not good. Very bad. But easily correctable. After checking to make sure my kidneys were working fine (which they are), I left the Doctor's office with the best prescription I've ever had. Drink more water till you piss clear once a day and eat an Orange and Banana a day. I can so deal with that. Yes, she gave me a slip to turn in for some antibiotics in case the redness does not subside, but that's just in case, not go fill this now kind of thing.

So while it hasn't fully gone away yet, I'm making improvements every day. Hopefully, next week I can get back to exercising and try and shed this +40 pounds I've gained in the past 4+ months.

Here's hoping.

*turns back to sipping a glass of water*
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Current Goal: $395/$1559*rounded up (ECG - $1559 - past due)

Current Commission list:
Commission status - Still working on Chmarr's commission. Got the magor rigging and control rigging in and am now on to working with texturing. Looks like this model wants Fur. Fur eats the processor like no tomorrow, but the results can't be beat in this case.

Chmarr - changes made as specified. Rigging done. Working on texturing.
Reto - still need to get new contract to you.
Diana - Need to get you a contract too.

Sketches - Cmdr Kitsuni (one of two done).
*Still open for more sketches.

If your name is Ed and you called and left a message back in December, call me again. The Message Center(tm) ate your message before I could hear past "Hello Christina, it's Ed..." (and didn't tell me I had a message from December until yesterday. I really dislike AT&T. Xp).

Emo-Medical Drama pt. 3 )

TokyoPop - nothing + nothing is still nothing )

My only salvation for my saintly has been WoW )

Movies/Anime I've been watching lately
One of my roommates has gotten a bur in his bum and has been taking the household out to see movies this summer. Here's what I've seen so far.

Iron Man - GO SEE! I really enjoyed this film. I'd love to go see it again. I just wish I had the money too.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - I know a lot of folks have been panning it, but I found this movie a lot of fun. Yeah theres some pretty unbelievable things in it, but hey, it's PULP!, what can I say. I had a good time. In the end, that's what the movie's suppose to give me, so yeah, me likely. ^.^

Code Geass - Been watching this on Cartoon Network's Adult swim and am finding this intriguing. I just wish it wasn't on so late.

Ergo Proxy - For some reason this reminds me a lot of Bladerunner and some of Mobius' more sane works. I rather enjoyed it despite it's dark "he dies, she dies, they all die" storyline. I will say that it ends with a ray of hope so it's not all glum and all heck.

I think that's about it for now. Sorry to ramble.
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I got to see the cardiologist today. And the testing shall begin. The first one is a Carotid Artery Evaluation, an imaging procedures. This is essentially to see what my heart actually looks like to see if there is any physical abnormalities or malformations. Weeee.

This is going to be pricey, like 800.00 pricey. In all things it's actually not that bad as far as tests go. I'm reminded of one of Baron's co-worker, were some of his medical test ran into the several thousands. I really hope I don't go there.

As such, the art sale is still going on! I'm going to start keeping a tracking goal up so that folks know what's going on. It's also for me to know how much I need to make things work.

Current Goal: 790/1200*rounded up (first visit $395, CAE $781)

These numbers will adjust as things are payed off.

Just a reminder - I'm open for B/W sketches 20.00 each!

And art that's still for sale!

I swear, I'll talk about something a little more cheery next time. Really. I will.


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