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Hey all -

Just wanted to give you a heads up on a new project I'm working on inside of Patreon, Lumeria's Hive.

Lumeria's fate was sealed at the age of ten when her and her brothers were kidnapped by a hive of monsters. Now, long after their rescue, they are all discovering that those monsters did more than just take them from their homes. Visions of past and future collide as Lumeria desperately tries to change her fate into the destiny of an Empire.
I'm currently in the design phase as well as busily shaping up the first draft of this prose story. Whether the final remains in prose is another matter yet to be seen. But this is the fastest way, and easiest on my hand, to get the plot out of my head and onto paper. I'm also sketching out different character designs so I know what folks look and act like.

I'll be releasing the prose in scene chunks, serially, only to Pateron and SmudgeMarks & EngelWerks for Patrons/Subscribers. It's a first draft, it needs to stay locked until it's in shape to find a publisher. I will also be releasing the character designs to DeviantArt a month afterwards. Why not release to FurAffinity as well? Because they have no way of scheduling posts, at this time. And I'm not holding my breath for them to add it.

So wanna come along and follow what I'm working on as I write/draw it? Become my Patron on Patreon for a dollar a month!

And constructive comments and critiques are always welcomed!
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Hey all -

Just wanted to let you know, I've been going in and tweaking my Patreon and added new tier levels. My Patreon is mostly WIPs, and sometimes early access to work, including my current 3D animation project, Online Questing, which is moving along.

My new tiers are as follows:

Sneak Peak
$1 or more per month
Right now, you get exclusive access to all development work. Enjoy!

Early Access/Publication Discount

$5 or more per month
Get early access to the end results of all this hard work!
  • Get Early Access to videos/comics/books for downloading
  • Get 10% discounts on completed publications of videos/comics/books created with this Patreon
  • Plus all previous rewards
You Name in Lights!
$10 or more per month
As a patron, you'll be recognized for making my work possible.
  • Credits on an upcoming video/publication
  • Plus all previous rewards
Digital Sketches by Smudge
$50 or more per month ∙ (limit 4)
You can request a digital sketch by ME!
  • One Character
  • Must be rated PG-13 or less
  • Black and White (with occasional gray-scale)
  • Can only combine with 1 previous month's to have second character.
  • I reserve the right to decline a sketch idea (but your welcome to suggest a different one if declined)
Most of my posting have been there. I'll still post to DA, FA, and DreamWidth for completed work, so no worries that I'm dispersing from these sites.
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Been talking about it for a while and finally decided to do it. I've changed my Patreon setting from per piece to monthly. One dollar a month gets you a back door peek to what I'm currently working on. I've been really good about updating at least once a week.

So what am I currently working on?

I have been head down and nose deep in Maya LT trying to set up for a 30 second animation. I originally planned this to be a two month project but am now on week fifteen and still on the first of three models. Yikes! I'm learning a lot and not only refamiliarizing myself with old, mad, 3D skills, but learning new ones.

Come join me for the ride. ^.^

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Just a reminder - I do have a Patreon account up and running! And it's not Barons. ^.^;

Right now, my at production is light so I have it set as $1.00 per upload. I tend to only post one to two pieces a week, and of those, they tend to be works in progress of bigger, more time consuming works. At the moment, I'm trying to squeak in art production around all the business management stuff I'm doing for Baron as well as relearning lots of things I've forgotten from my days as a 3D animator. Because, dang it, I want to start producing animations again and I can't do that by simply wishing it. So it's roll up the sleeves and dive back into Maya/Vue and produce a lot of learning crap that's not worth showing to folks here, but gets me the knowledge I need to make stuff that *is* worth posting here. ^.^

In the meantime, enjoy the works in progress and sketches while I set up my next *big* project.

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Mirrored from Smudge Marks & Engel Werks.

So we've gone and done it.

Both Baron and I have created Patreon accounts. Baron will be funding his dreamscapes sketch blog, including his current Pony Dreamscape that he's been running on DeviantArt and Furaffinity, While I will be using it to help offset the development costs of my new project, "Magical Homeowners Association". Like all things of this nature, it will start slowly and built up over time. You can check both pages at out:

Baron -
Smudge -

Thanks so much for looking!


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