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Been working on the Radio Site for the past week. FINALLY got it to a happy place. Go me! (with some help from [ profile] rindis).

Now for your web comic pleasure, we have the multi-site up and running with a slightly more polished theme that cascades down to all the sub-sites that will be created in the future. This might not seem like a big change in the front end, but it's a huge on in the back to make my life as admin so much easier. Now instead of updating and upgrading each sub-site individually, I can do it as one huge one-click step! Backing up becomes much easier too.

For now, if there was a sub-site already created and updating, it probably won't move. But any new sites or sites that I had set up but haven't "gone live yet" (like Havoc Inc.), oh yeah, they are going with the new web-addy format.

More changes to follow- mostly in how the X-posting is done and more linking into thinks like Facebook and such.

Oh - Summer? Looks like your story's a-go. You want it on SinFactory? or Radio? (ie - what is the rating you'd put it as?) Been a while since I read it and it was awesome, but if memory is correct it walks a line like Liberty so I though I'd check.

With that said - Feel free to check it all out!

Radio Comix Online

SinFactory Comix (not work safe)
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Been working on the Radio Comix website all week.

All I can say is... I want this mug -

*trundles back to website work*
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So I've been beating against WordPress/ComicPress for the past couple of days and have come to the conclusion that's it's too buggy to use for now. As far as I can tell, this is all on the ComicPress side of things.

So what have I been stonewalled with?

1. Images not displaying on the backend in the manager
2. Image file names being converted to html escape code and corrupting the images in the process
3. Comic images not syncing up with posts when imported in from previous versions
4. New CSS calling for images, but never displays them (in menu bar)

While the WordPress MU install is freak'n nice for controlling multiple users and sites form a single install, right now, it's just too buggy for me to do anything with. So it's back to the same ol' nested installs for me.

I just hate wasting time like this only to give up, when I could have spent that same time doing something more productive.

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the Good: got my Shirt.Woot in today. It's rare right now I can afford buying new clothes, and my shirts are getting sad. So getting a new shirt for ten dollars and one with Schrodinger's Cat on it makes me happy.

the Bad: I tried to update my personal website. This is something I've been trying to do for months but keep getting hindered by lack-of-tech-support. Finally broke down and tried to update it the hard way, by hand (instead of the auto-updater that one's suppose to use). Unfortunately, this broke the site. Badly.

the Ugly: It also broke the Adventures of Blanc site too.

At this point I'm really frustrated about the web-hosting. It should not have broken the way it did. And the fact that, in the past, I can't really get an answer out of folks makes me very, very grumpy. But I can't afford to go to commercial hosting. Blanc's ads, my only source of revenue coming in besides the allowance that James gives me to pay off my student loan every month, does not in come close to cover hosting fees as any place I would be comfortable working with.

Main place I'm looking at is DreamHost right now. I'm already familiar with them due to running the Radio website there. The unlimited traffic there is nice since Adventures of Blanc occasionally, thou rarely, get's slash.dotted.

So now I get to stew in my own juices until either A) the current hosting gets back to me, or B) I come up with the money to change hosting services and be done with it.

I think I shall spend the day backing up my hard drives. That should keep me busy for the rest of the week. ~.~
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Spent that past couple of days doing website Xposting mods. Finally ended up with Xpost, lets WordPress blogs post to other WordPress blogs, and JournalPress, which allows WordPress to post to multiple Live Journal Blogs. Will need to find one that also Xposts to FaceBook, since that seems to be the "in" site atm and Radio just created a sub-site there.

If you are a Radio Creator and have your comix hosted there and want any post and/or update to be auto X-posted to your Live Journal or other WordPress sites, email me (do *not* post here nor note me in LJ) your user name and password and I'll set you up. Or if you feel confident, you can add it yourself to the listings on your sub-site.

More stuff coming. ^.^
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Here's where things stand.

Commissions (outstanding):

JAnderson: Almost done! Just have the hammock to do and a couple of final touches. Will need a place to ship it too soon.

Reto: Done (some time ago) - waiting for email response.

Chmarr: Need to reinstall programs. Model's Done, Rigging's Done. It's getting all the textures painted that's killing me. ^.^

Theo: Need to start, but have ideas rolling around my head.

Need to backup and update all websites (Personal, AoB, all Radio sites). This will be a joy and a half. ~.~
Need to update ad boxes on Radio site.
Need to create ads for Duncan & Mallory and Coyote.

Ebin & May: Episode 38 written and laid out. Blue line pages have been printed. Now I just need to do the art.

Adventures of Blanc: Yes, I know it's been forever since I last updated. Xmas, followed by 3 weeks of plague followed by me messing up my hands has not helped. But it's on the docket, right after I get JAnderson's commission taken care of. Sorry for the wait.

Am I missing anything? o.0
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Ebin & May has Updated! (updated yesterday but forgot to post about it like a duffus)
Bureau of Mana Investigation has Updated!

Got a whole mess of web-ads done for Ebin and May this week, one for each format carried by Project Wonderful. If you want o help spread the word please feel free to use them unaltered as links to the webcomix. You can find them all here at the bottom of the page. ^.^

Now it's on to building a set for BMI too.

Unforcutanly, I was sidetracked Yesterday by WoW's Patch day.

Good things: they fixed the summoning stones... finally.

The new dungeon PuG finder works well so far. Only used it twice, got one rolling group and one group where the tank rolled too fast and was not keeping track on there the healer (me, on Kitzal) was. To be honest, I'm really suprized I still kept everyone up. Shocked the snot outta me.

Bad things: I really dislike what they did to Looking for Raid. It's much harder to use than the old Looking for Group system and they really hid it under the raid tab. Most folks don't even know that it's there. Because of it (or lack there of), you pretty much have to just sit in Dalaran the entire time hoping something comes along in the LookingForGroup Channel (which is a bigger dead zone than GuildRecruitment) or sit in Trade with all the stupid people spamming idiocies. Not an upgrade there.

New Dungeon is fun but hard even on reg mode. Have not yet beat the last encounter of the last new 5-man. Minions of the Fickle Muse has a long running saying about Arthus wishing he'd "Put his HP where his mouth is"... well, he finally did, and... er.... we need better equipment. ^.^;

On my to-do list today; Work on BMI web-ads and do this week's Adventures of Blanc!
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Spent all day working on writing an addon/widget for the Radio Comic site. It's designed to randomly "feature" one of radio's online comics on the front page. It's based off the links that are already part of the WordPress database. Pretty proud of what I came up with. Go me!

Tomorrow I'll see about writing the option UI for it. Heck, maybe if it cleans up pretty good, I might make it available for others to use. But that will depend on *if* I wrap my head around the coding.

To get my head out of bad-code-grumpyness, I loaded up some anime. My current pick? The Big Windup.

Yes, that's right, a baseball anime. No giant robots, no squeely school girls in fukus. It's decently animated, and very well written. While the pasing is somewhat slow, I never feel like it's bogs, or stalls. Heck, this anime almost make me wanna like baseball (and that's saying a lot for someone who is so anti-sport like me).

Anyways- if you get a chance, go check it out. You can find episodes up on
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You know... it's kind of hard to letter the next Ebin & May and Adventures of Blanc, when you can't find the layouts (with all the wording).

I think it's time to clean my desk up. ~.~

Of which - Question ~ I've noticed in the vote codes Bureau of Mana Investigation is hanging around 500s, AoB is 550s, but Ebin and May (which I was to understand was my most popular story) is nearly 1,000s. Is this discrepancy due to posting times? (BMI posted 3 days a week, while Ebin and May only post twice a week.) Or is my perception off in what people like of my work?

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Yup! That’s right. Ebin and May, starting with this weeks pages is going to be updating twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

It’s good to have a backlog. ^.^
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Finally finished writing the next episode of Ebin & May. For some reason doing this one was like pulling teeth. probably because it's not a "fun" episode (but one that really needs to be there) and a lot of other bull crap was going on in my life at the time I started it that just fed the issue. Unfortunately, due the complexity of the art involved, it's going to take me more than my typical week to do that art. Darn you big rolling battle on ramparts! *shakes fists* So, um, yeah. Art next. Why do I do this to my self? lol

I also got the next webcomix ready to go for the Radio Comix site. This time Trouble Express by Will Allison. All hammered out and working fine. Now it's up to Will top post. Yeah for sites that I don't have to manage all by my lonesome. Next up to bat is probably going to be Havoc Inc. And yes, I can only really talk about this since Elin has already publicly announced all of this to begin with. After Havoc, it'll be Pervert Club and Bureau of Mana Investigations. I know there's more in the works, but that's all that's officially been announced at this point.

Also, I've been poking at Blender again. I must be a glutton for punishment. I did find a better tutorial buried in the Blender Wiki that gave me the info I needed for a better rigging scheme. Not perfect, but workable. After I get the next Ebin & May and Adventures of Blanc done, I'll poke some more at it.

Ah, my egg rolls are done. Time for me to eat and get back to work.


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