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Hello all - sorry I haven't been posting as much as I'd like over the past 2 weeks. Been busy doing lots business of stuff, that, alas does not include art. It was really important stuff thou, taxes, accounting, moving boxes, making sure Baron keeps focus on his drawing desk, and toss a couple of doctor appointments in the middle of all that.

However, I just landed a job doing illustration work for the next month that is going to eat all my waking time. Can't really talk about it beyond that due to NDA's. I'm really excited for this opportunity so I'm grabbing with both hands. I might not feel the same near the end of it, but hey, that's future Smudge's problem. ^.~

Needless to say, commissions are now closed. If you have an outstanding commission, fear not, my new, hectic schedule takes your work into account.

So until the new project's done, I leave you with an elephant. She's large, in your room, and will not be ignored. Actually, she's my character I'm going to be running in a friend's D & D campaign, which, now that I'm thinking about I might not be able to make the first few sessions. Doh!

Elephant Lorica Segmentata by SmudgeDragon on DeviantArt
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Don't mind me - I'm just stressing out here.

So - as folks know, I've been heavily involved with Radio Comix's website and digital distro end of things for the past couple of years. I mostly took this volunteer work to try and build up a good structure at Radio for them to build their business on and, with great hopes, help prop up my titles that are published though them along with the entirety of the company.

I have accomplished a lot - got two good, stable and easily maintainable websites up and running ( and and posting on regularly, gotten Radio's foot in the door with both Comics Plus (iVerse) and Graphicly for digital distro, helped bring in a new artist to the website and possibly  more in the coming year.

But this year, my docket has really filled up with things to do, and more are getting added without much getting taken away. I need to contact and play editor to at least five different artists (thankfully, two of them are *very* easy to work with and need very little in the way of motivation, hand holding, or prodding). I'm also compiling books for several titles, some for digital distro, some for print. Normally, doing all these things would not be an issue. I don't mind doing them, and on many levels I actually enjoy doing them.

Just not all at once.

I guess the thing that's frustrating me most is that at the end of the day, I have very little time to work on my *OWN* comic, Ebin & May. And considering that Ebin & May is one of Radio's better read titles on the site, that hurts everyone. But if I don't do this other stuff, it literately won't get done.

But the Bunnies....


I know I'm pretty bad at time management. I know it's something I need to get better at. And it's worse when I tend to be a one-project-at-a-time kind of girl. But I suppose life is like that. Always getting in the way.

I'm hoping next week to push everything else Radio aside and just focus on getting the next Ebin and May story out the door. Once I have a script/layout I can better manage my workload and spread the pages to be done out and interspersed with everything else. But to write, I need big swaths of time, which at the moment I'm just not getting, to much frustration.

I should probably just put some sort of filler "I'm not dead yet" art up. Like I have time to do that too. ~.~

Okay - frustration rant over, I need to get back to work.
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So, my health has gotten to the point that I am thinking about re-entering the workforce. Yes, I know, easier said than done.

I have cleaned up my folders on DA a bit to help put a portfolio together. No, I have not deleted anything, just shuffled things around so that a lot of my furry and fan artwork is not sitting ontop.

However, I realize looking at things, I need to create some work to fill in some gaps. scanning my life drawing sketches is one. Adding more 3D stuff (since I am trying to apply for a 3D animator position for games and cinematics) is another.

On the 3D end, what do folks think I should create? I know I'll need a model or two. And some animation. But should I invest in making a reel? And if so, what should it highlight?
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So, par typical for me, I got a really late start on things. Now that I have some food in me, I have a decision to make.

Do I:

a) work on getting Havoc Inc up and ready to go live next week for Radio Comix? (it is long over due)
b) Work on banners for Trouble Express? (Wills stuff is good but is getting almost no hits so an ad campaign might do wonders)
c) Work on getting one of my own new projects - before my hand gives out for the day? (I have two that are really eating at me currently, "the Ash-bone Man" and "Project Sea Bird")
d) work on the next episode of Ebin and May? (not like Radio's not sitting on a couple already, heh-heh)
e) finish rewriting the ending to the one story that I am going to post as my "New thing" over at Radio now that BMI is finished.

Decisions decisions. I guess check back later to see what I accomplished, if anything.
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This post is mostly for me, and maybe Elin -

Things have been so buggered lately, I thought I'd make a post of what I've done work wise and what still needs to be done. I've long since lost track of it all so I was thinking that this might help me get on track as well as proving to myself I haven't been useless and not doing anything (though I seriously feel that way right now).

Sinfactory Comix - have finished installing the new Sinfactory member site and all subsites. New Ratmaze has all been posted as well as the conclusion to Hard Time.

Radio Comix - have put in the new add boxes for Tiger Team Three and Trouble Express.

have done some random sketches that really aren't worth sharing. right now my artistic drive is stuck in pure neutral.

Things I still need to do -

Sinfactory Comix - need to set up the front end to the site (that you don't have to be a member to view).

Radio Comix - need to set up the new ComicPress child site template. Along with that, will be a members only section (for the artist currently uploading to the site) that will have information just for them.

Personal site - need to get the child site to not display the text on the header.

Need to do more art. Not sketches or doodles, but real, hang-on-your-wall art. feh.

There's probably mroe I need to add to this list, but for now I can't think of any.
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Hands feeling somewhat better, though still in the brace and ice-packing will continue, so it's back to work for me. This week will be catching up to the time off and getting back on track. At least I'll no longer be board.
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Here's where things stand.

Commissions (outstanding):

JAnderson: Almost done! Just have the hammock to do and a couple of final touches. Will need a place to ship it too soon.

Reto: Done (some time ago) - waiting for email response.

Chmarr: Need to reinstall programs. Model's Done, Rigging's Done. It's getting all the textures painted that's killing me. ^.^

Theo: Need to start, but have ideas rolling around my head.

Need to backup and update all websites (Personal, AoB, all Radio sites). This will be a joy and a half. ~.~
Need to update ad boxes on Radio site.
Need to create ads for Duncan & Mallory and Coyote.

Ebin & May: Episode 38 written and laid out. Blue line pages have been printed. Now I just need to do the art.

Adventures of Blanc: Yes, I know it's been forever since I last updated. Xmas, followed by 3 weeks of plague followed by me messing up my hands has not helped. But it's on the docket, right after I get JAnderson's commission taken care of. Sorry for the wait.

Am I missing anything? o.0
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Bureau of Mana Investigations has updated!*

FYI - My email is hosed atm. I can receive just fine, but I can't send out. So if I need to email someone, don't be surprised if you get something from baron on my behalf. Sneaker-net FTW!

Today I have:

1. Downloaded all ad-templates from Project wonderful so I can start building ad campaigns for BMI, Ebin & May, and Adventures of Blanc.
2. Finished the next episode of AoB and uploaded it to update on Friday (I think be dropping to B&W was the key).
3. Backed up the entirety of Radio Comix Website.
4. Cut down watercolor paper for commissions (abkhan & jl_anderson)
5. Added my new, nifty plugin to AoB to help promote my other online comics.
6. Updated Radio Comix Site to the new version of WordPress (I had done this before, but apparently missed a sub-site).

Kind of grumpy that I'll have to call Shawn again and tell him I won't have the money for riding lessons tomorrow. Was suppose to go last week, but due to a financial snag, all the money for the lesson went into overdraft fees. I'm very worried that if this keeps up, Shawn's going to drop me as a student. But my hands are very tied. I just hate making excuses. ~.~

Diana ... I still need info from you for your commission ...

Time for me to go call Shawn... Ugh.

*I really should get back into the habit of announcing updates, even though they are now automatic on the sites. Guess I just got lazy.


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