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I can finally talk about this - as the NDA has been lifted.

I have been having problems with WoW. I know the fate of all MMORPG's is to get simpler over time, and it took WoW longer than most (generally it's a 5 year cycle, wow took over 6). I was not too happy, but fond it livable with the talent changes that came into Cata. I know my roommate Rindis was very unhappy with the changes in Lich King (when they killed X-specing). But with the complete talent redesign coming in Mists, it left both of us with a really bad taste in our mouths.

To be honest- I have not been having fun in WoW for over a year now. This is due partly to the game itself and party due to DRAMA that centered around me. I don't really wanna go into what's happened. It's done and I want to move on. But it really kills playing when you feel like you have to avoid your own guild. It's extremely hard not to let the entire situation color the view of the game as a whole.

This has led to more aggressively check the other MMORPG options out there.

Age of Conan; is buggy and a resource hog, but the beginning section is awesomely written. The combat for a melee type is extremely twitchy, but I found that after a while I had real fun with it. Alas, the mid/endgame bogged down for me, being, I feel, less thought out writing wise. Also I was not too found of their group mechanic and found it a much funner experience to solo.

Dungeons and Dragons Online; I did not care for the art sytle. the Animation seemed clunky. The storylines were weak. The dungeons and group mechanics were awesome and is where DDO shines. But the combat engine drove me up the wall since it's so mouse dependent (I am a keyboarder and becoming more so as time goes on).

City of Heroes; shows it's age. The combat engine is sluggish. Leveling is slow. Storyline writing is extremely variable and at both ends of the spectrum. I do *really* like there system of Sidekicking, letting players in a group play together, as if they were the same level, despite great level differences.

Rifts; This game nearly won my heart, based on the engine alone. Which says a lot since the story and writing were lacking, the questing was ho-hum, and the art/modeling/animation looked like someone threw up their lunch and said, "Wow- that's a neat creature design, let's run with it!" But the combat engine, the talent tree engine and the public group system, which pretty much eliminated mob-ganking, was so strong that it just about overshadowed all the other faults. The talent tree that helped me fall in love with WoW in the first place that they've been trying to Nerf and eliminate is in Rifts, embraced and expanded upon. It was a close call, but ultimately the need for story and immersion won out over a truly awesome engine.

And then I was invited to take part of Star Wars: the Old Republic beta...

ZOMG! This game is awesome! Despite it not being fantasy (though it's hard to call it science fiction), this game have everything - it's combat engine is not bad, it's art style is nice though it's animation does tend to hit the uncanny valley due to all the mo-cap, the stories are strongly written, and they've really paid attention to immersion into the whole Star Wars universe.

While the classes seem limited (4 on each side that actually play differently than their opposites), they quickly break into 2 sub-classes each. And those subclasses have three talent trees each. Alas I did not get a chance as of this writing to see how well you can cross-spec between the different talent trees is, but it looked pretty easy on my glance-over.

My biggest quibble is that with character creation - despite how varied the Star Wars Universe is, you can play a human, an augmented human, a human with a lobster on their foreheads, and a human with different colored skin. Not even a Wookie. SW without Wookies is like Rocky Road ice cream without any nuts.

But they have added something to the whole MMORPG genre - RPing as a game dynamic. And it works wonderfully. Just about every in-game conversation allows you to choose how you will respond. If you are in a group, all characters roll off against each other to see how the situation will resolve itself, including inside of a Flash-Point (dungeon). Lets just say if a group isn't seeing eye-to-eye, it get's hilariously fun.

All in all - even with my low-end machine and beta bugs - I had more fun in SW:TOR than any other MMORPG for the past year+, despite it being a franchise I care little for.

While this was a hard and painful decision to make, but I will be canceling my WoW subscription in favor of SW:TOR. I do have a guild forming up and if you'd like to join me, shoot me a note with your email and I'll send you a pre-launch guild invite. ^.^
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Taking a month off from everything for my hand and Blizz goes and gives me a beta invite. T-T


Sep. 11th, 2010 07:43 pm
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and all of Hells Angus sings:

Ding Dong! The Lich is dead. Which old Lich? The King Lich!
Ding Dong! The King Lich is dead.

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Ever wondered how to win at PuGing in World of Warcraft?

This one's right on the money. And Ackurus keeps telling me PuGs arn't bad... Doh!
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No, me no get outta bed. Room is cold and the bed is warm and the pillows are fluffy!

New Glasses are in. Horray! I can finally ditch the nerd - taped bridge and not-square-fitting-on-face nerd look and go with the much more sheek-geek rimless look.

Eyes got dilated while I was picking them up too. ARGH! Turn down the sun! Is too bright!

Round Table Pizza gooooooood.

Login to horde guild. No, I'm not the GM, and I can't make those decisions. *Points to the distance* LOOK! FLYING KODO! *runs away to hide*

Eye's finally no longer dilated, time to get some pencils done for Ebin and May. 8trundles off to the futon and turns on the TV while reaching for the drawing board.*

Tomorrow, HORSIES!
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Just a quick message to my guildies in the Minions of the Fickle Muse ...

Just wanted to give you a heads up since the board was down - Muse has been hacked again. The Guild back got cleaned again - especially the Pots tab. Have screen shots of most of it.

I've locked everyone out of the guild back for now. I'll be redueing the ranks inside the guild. But I want to talk with the other officers before I do it and also get feedback form others in the guild.

Sorry to be the bearer of such bad tiding.

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Ebin & May has updated!

Got another page inked last night for Ebin and May #38. I now have 3 pages left to go for the episode. Once I get that done, I can work on the next Adventures of Blanc.

Checked the Money and no horseback riding for me this week. heck I don't even have any money to put gas in the van to *get* to the ranch. Say la via. Just means I can save up for next week.

But Fickle Muse did awesome in Ulduar last night! )

Off to work for me.
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Adventures of Blanc has Updated!
Bureau of Mana Investigation has Updated!

Almost didn't make getting AoB done this week, with the new WoW patch and my arms being so achy from riding yesterday. But I did. Go me!
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Ebin & May has Updated! (updated yesterday but forgot to post about it like a duffus)
Bureau of Mana Investigation has Updated!

Got a whole mess of web-ads done for Ebin and May this week, one for each format carried by Project Wonderful. If you want o help spread the word please feel free to use them unaltered as links to the webcomix. You can find them all here at the bottom of the page. ^.^

Now it's on to building a set for BMI too.

Unforcutanly, I was sidetracked Yesterday by WoW's Patch day.

Good things: they fixed the summoning stones... finally.

The new dungeon PuG finder works well so far. Only used it twice, got one rolling group and one group where the tank rolled too fast and was not keeping track on there the healer (me, on Kitzal) was. To be honest, I'm really suprized I still kept everyone up. Shocked the snot outta me.

Bad things: I really dislike what they did to Looking for Raid. It's much harder to use than the old Looking for Group system and they really hid it under the raid tab. Most folks don't even know that it's there. Because of it (or lack there of), you pretty much have to just sit in Dalaran the entire time hoping something comes along in the LookingForGroup Channel (which is a bigger dead zone than GuildRecruitment) or sit in Trade with all the stupid people spamming idiocies. Not an upgrade there.

New Dungeon is fun but hard even on reg mode. Have not yet beat the last encounter of the last new 5-man. Minions of the Fickle Muse has a long running saying about Arthus wishing he'd "Put his HP where his mouth is"... well, he finally did, and... er.... we need better equipment. ^.^;

On my to-do list today; Work on BMI web-ads and do this week's Adventures of Blanc!
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Last Sunday was nice. Baron cooked up a really wonderful ham for Dinner and [ profile] batratblue came over for war-gaming with James. I spent most of the day playing WoW so that I didn't get in there way. After dinner we all ended up talking until bedtime practically. Not a bad Sunday in the slightest.

Unfortunately, my past two weeks of art -- FAIL! I got one page of sketches of Desert Rose done and that's all I could show for it. [ profile] summer_jackel, that sketch you did of Rose and Jackle is adorable. Been meaning to comment on it for ages, but again, I am full of FAIL when it comes to replies too. I so need to find my happy-art-zone again. ~.~

Work on the Radio Comic website continues. Hit a bit of a stumbling block but hope to get over it this weekend, with help from James.

WoW blabber under cut )

I think that's about everything for the week. Just need to get my creative fire going and all will be golden.
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So, this last week was mostly me getting all of BackBreaker's accounts in line and ready for shutdown. I've transferred every last penny out of PayPal into our actual checking account. Once the money has gone through, PayPal will be closed. Baron also was able to track down where the last automatic dinging of our checking account was coming from and had that closed off as well.

Beyond that, I've been play Lich King.... )

Unfortunately, these past couple of days I've been feeling like I'm fighting something. I've been feeling ... weird during the day, but otherwise fine. Then at night sometime between 9pm and 3am in the morning - WHAM! - the steamroller hits me hard. We're talking Spinning room and nausea time. Not liking this at all. ~.~

I'll get better. I'm just tired of feeling sick every December is all.
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I spent yesterday doing the painful work of deleting most of BackBreaker from the server. All but the comic section and the database which will remain up until one week after BMI concludes. Then, that too will go down. I know I said I'd wait for the Sys-Admin of the server boxes to email me saying his work was done, but I just wanted to get it over with.

I tried to create a 404 (missing page) file with links to were the artists person sites/contact are but the server has defeated me on such things overwriting it with an Apache install page. Tug? if I could get some help with that, that would be awesome!

Still trying to get in touch with the new home for BMI and Ebin & May and work out the arrangements. RL seems to conspire against me though as they are swamped. Keep your fingers X-ed.

I have not yet figured out what to do whit my films. More than likely I'll keep them up on YouTube/Veoh/ect semi abandoned in place for now. I'm going to concentrate on find home fro the web-comics first, then I shall go forward with sorting out the animations. Am I going to do more animations? I don't know at this point. I'd like to, but I have other things viaing for my attention that come first. One thing at a time.

Needless to say, yesterday I spent in kind of a funk. Having Phalloide run around with Theo/Ducky and Alexa {Hells Angus} over on E'T in World of Warcraft helped a lot. It may not be "surrounded in RL by friends" but it was a close second. I got more depressed after I logged out for dinner, and floundered more before catching up with other even-more-close-friends on my main server, Muradin. Oif sounded like he was having just as depressing of a day as me (but for different reasons), but Tsula was her players' chipper self. Oif and I just let that chipperness surround us as we beat the tar out of Ogers.

One of the reasons I feel Backbreaker failed is that I'm poor at my communication/self-promotion. So I'm trying to rectify that. It'll take time. For now, I'm going though a pile of art on my desk. Trying to get my three art archives online sorted out so they have all the same thing (or at least close to it for genera purposes). This involves a lot of rescanning and X-posting to blogs.

Looking at my recent work, there seems to be an "offness" about it, in many instances, and almost amateurish look. I don't know if that is do to my slowly eroding confidence in my work (which has been going on for years now, much of it tied to falling sales and bad reviews/dissing from art directors and whom I considered piers). I'll probably go ahead and post them anyways, just for completeness sake. After all, if something is learned from them time working on them would not have been waisted.

Off I go to scan and post!

Archive sites:

Current Blogs:
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So more that's happening that I can't talk about. But here's some small randomness to prove that I haven't completely fallen in a hole.

In TV-Land --
Finished watching all of Oban: Star Racers. WOW - that was awesome. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it.

Danny Phantom is being cute. Too bad they play them out-of-order. -.-

Code Geass is still being a mind trip.

In Gaming Land--
The 'o' is dieing on my keyboard. Needless to say, this makes for very interesting guild chat.

Blanc finally got his tanking shoulders upgraded. Yes, they are the heroic purple drop from Shethekk Halls. It feels kind of weird to be all proud about it since everyone one I know in LJ-land is yanking on about Tempest Keep or Black Temple or Sunwell, and here I am happy just to get a Heroic drop. I kind of feel left behind, and yet proud that I'm not in "looser gear" (he's only got 3 blues left). Sai-la-via

Motre later - Pizza need to leave the over now.
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Current Goal: $395/$1559*rounded up (ECG - $1559 - past due)

Current Commission list:
Commission status - Still working on Chmarr's commission. Got the magor rigging and control rigging in and am now on to working with texturing. Looks like this model wants Fur. Fur eats the processor like no tomorrow, but the results can't be beat in this case.

Chmarr - changes made as specified. Rigging done. Working on texturing.
Reto - still need to get new contract to you.
Diana - Need to get you a contract too.

Sketches - Cmdr Kitsuni (one of two done).
*Still open for more sketches.

If your name is Ed and you called and left a message back in December, call me again. The Message Center(tm) ate your message before I could hear past "Hello Christina, it's Ed..." (and didn't tell me I had a message from December until yesterday. I really dislike AT&T. Xp).

Emo-Medical Drama pt. 3 )

TokyoPop - nothing + nothing is still nothing )

My only salvation for my saintly has been WoW )

Movies/Anime I've been watching lately
One of my roommates has gotten a bur in his bum and has been taking the household out to see movies this summer. Here's what I've seen so far.

Iron Man - GO SEE! I really enjoyed this film. I'd love to go see it again. I just wish I had the money too.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - I know a lot of folks have been panning it, but I found this movie a lot of fun. Yeah theres some pretty unbelievable things in it, but hey, it's PULP!, what can I say. I had a good time. In the end, that's what the movie's suppose to give me, so yeah, me likely. ^.^

Code Geass - Been watching this on Cartoon Network's Adult swim and am finding this intriguing. I just wish it wasn't on so late.

Ergo Proxy - For some reason this reminds me a lot of Bladerunner and some of Mobius' more sane works. I rather enjoyed it despite it's dark "he dies, she dies, they all die" storyline. I will say that it ends with a ray of hope so it's not all glum and all heck.

I think that's about it for now. Sorry to ramble.
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Current Goal: 395/781*rounded up (Carotid Artery Evaluation $781 5/28/08)

These numbers will adjust as things are payed off.

Just a reminder - I'm open for B/W sketches 20.00 each!

And art that's still for sale!

Commission status - Currently I'm nose to the grind stone on Chmarr's commission to try and get that out the door since it's the longest outstanding. While there's a few contracts that need to go out in the mail, I'm kind of putting them off to stay focused. I realize one of the issues I've been having lately is divided focus. I've got so many things/projects trying to vie for attention I end up getting nothing done. So I'm picking one and sticking to it like glue 'till it's done. Contracts will be sent as soon as Chmarr's commission is done. (Give about 2 to 3 weeks).

Do note, I do not consider sketches as commissions. Commissions are large scale painting/other art that require real thought from me and/or research and preparation. Sketches are something I do at the end of the day to wind down while watching TV and are very zen-like in nature. Think of sketch books at cons and you get the idea. ^.^

Chmarr - changes made as specified. Currently rigging.
Reto - still need to get new contract to you.
Diana - Need to get you a contract too.

Sketches - none currently

Other stuff - Tibo - I'll be getting your painting in the mail as soon as I can find a box for it.The packing supply store I liked to use just shut down and I need to go scrounged for a new one.

And in WoW new .... Minions of the Fickle Muse dose Molten Core. )

I think that's about it. If I've missed stuff, like mentioning someone's commission, or you'd like a B/W sketch reply and I'll get things together. ^.^


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