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and all of Hells Angus sings:

Ding Dong! The Lich is dead. Which old Lich? The King Lich!
Ding Dong! The King Lich is dead.

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Just a quick message to my guildies in the Minions of the Fickle Muse ...

Just wanted to give you a heads up since the board was down - Muse has been hacked again. The Guild back got cleaned again - especially the Pots tab. Have screen shots of most of it.

I've locked everyone out of the guild back for now. I'll be redueing the ranks inside the guild. But I want to talk with the other officers before I do it and also get feedback form others in the guild.

Sorry to be the bearer of such bad tiding.

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Ebin & May has updated!

Got another page inked last night for Ebin and May #38. I now have 3 pages left to go for the episode. Once I get that done, I can work on the next Adventures of Blanc.

Checked the Money and no horseback riding for me this week. heck I don't even have any money to put gas in the van to *get* to the ranch. Say la via. Just means I can save up for next week.

But Fickle Muse did awesome in Ulduar last night! )

Off to work for me.
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Just a heads up. ^.^

Short Story: I'm going to be offline for the week. Hopefully not much more than that. Hope you guys do awesome at the raids! Go kick some undead butts.

Long Story: So, last night I was finally feeling well enough to go over to a friends house. Unfortunately, while getting out of the car, I slipped on the curb in the dark and kissed the pavement pretty hard.

Injuries are minor; got a nice bump on my knee, and my hands are scraped up. All things considered, pretty minor, can heal on it's own stuff. But my hands did take the worst of it as I have scrapped off the skin on both my palms, right faring far better than my left.

While I can hunt and peck typing wise (it hurts but is doable), playing something as incentive as WoW is kind of out of the question until my hands get better. They should, in short order, and I've got them bandaged up pretty good. T-T

In any case, I'm out until they can heal. Go kick some undead arse for me. ^.^
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He my be fuggly, but he is still MINE~!
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Spent today pounding my forehead into Word-press/Comic-press getting RSS feeds working outside of the side-bar widgets. Got the basic idea down but it's going to look a little messy for a bit until it all gets into place.

Also pokes at webcasting with Mostly going to turn it on when I'm working art on my machine or maybe for those special WoW runs that a guild wants to watch. It's just a dink-around place, really.

Also - yeah! of all the horse stables and classes I called last week, one finally returned my call. And it was the one that would be the best for me anyways, since they offer basic classes on Horse care and maintenance. Just what I wanted.

I keep having to tell myself there's nothing I can do for Zeke, even though he plagues my mind still. Yes, I know it's completely irrational. But I can do is set myself up so in the future when another "Zeke" comes along I will be prepared. Maybe I should draw a picture of him just to get him out of my system. Then again, maybe doing that will fan the fire I don't need.

lol I can't win. ^.^
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Last Sunday was nice. Baron cooked up a really wonderful ham for Dinner and [ profile] batratblue came over for war-gaming with James. I spent most of the day playing WoW so that I didn't get in there way. After dinner we all ended up talking until bedtime practically. Not a bad Sunday in the slightest.

Unfortunately, my past two weeks of art -- FAIL! I got one page of sketches of Desert Rose done and that's all I could show for it. [ profile] summer_jackel, that sketch you did of Rose and Jackle is adorable. Been meaning to comment on it for ages, but again, I am full of FAIL when it comes to replies too. I so need to find my happy-art-zone again. ~.~

Work on the Radio Comic website continues. Hit a bit of a stumbling block but hope to get over it this weekend, with help from James.

WoW blabber under cut )

I think that's about everything for the week. Just need to get my creative fire going and all will be golden.
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Finally finished Gone Fishing!

Gone Fishing by ~SmudgeDragon on deviantART
Took me long enough. lol! Just more proof that I need to get over this creative hump.

Still working on the "top secret" project. Everything fighting me with it. My current bump with it is kind of a stupid one in where the tape I need for the creative process is... on back order. Darn it! I might have to break down and cut it myself tonight, but cutting tape to precise width without loosing its tackiness is always fraught with danger. Argh! This WILL be done on time!

In other WoW news... )

Heading to Further Confusion next week. Yes, we have a table and will be selling the last of our stock from BackBreaker Days. No, we do not have panels in the art show. Yes, I'll be taking sketchbooks. For the most part, no, I will not be doing trades. Please come by the table and say hello to Baron and I. We'd love to see you. ^.^
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I spent yesterday doing the painful work of deleting most of BackBreaker from the server. All but the comic section and the database which will remain up until one week after BMI concludes. Then, that too will go down. I know I said I'd wait for the Sys-Admin of the server boxes to email me saying his work was done, but I just wanted to get it over with.

I tried to create a 404 (missing page) file with links to were the artists person sites/contact are but the server has defeated me on such things overwriting it with an Apache install page. Tug? if I could get some help with that, that would be awesome!

Still trying to get in touch with the new home for BMI and Ebin & May and work out the arrangements. RL seems to conspire against me though as they are swamped. Keep your fingers X-ed.

I have not yet figured out what to do whit my films. More than likely I'll keep them up on YouTube/Veoh/ect semi abandoned in place for now. I'm going to concentrate on find home fro the web-comics first, then I shall go forward with sorting out the animations. Am I going to do more animations? I don't know at this point. I'd like to, but I have other things viaing for my attention that come first. One thing at a time.

Needless to say, yesterday I spent in kind of a funk. Having Phalloide run around with Theo/Ducky and Alexa {Hells Angus} over on E'T in World of Warcraft helped a lot. It may not be "surrounded in RL by friends" but it was a close second. I got more depressed after I logged out for dinner, and floundered more before catching up with other even-more-close-friends on my main server, Muradin. Oif sounded like he was having just as depressing of a day as me (but for different reasons), but Tsula was her players' chipper self. Oif and I just let that chipperness surround us as we beat the tar out of Ogers.

One of the reasons I feel Backbreaker failed is that I'm poor at my communication/self-promotion. So I'm trying to rectify that. It'll take time. For now, I'm going though a pile of art on my desk. Trying to get my three art archives online sorted out so they have all the same thing (or at least close to it for genera purposes). This involves a lot of rescanning and X-posting to blogs.

Looking at my recent work, there seems to be an "offness" about it, in many instances, and almost amateurish look. I don't know if that is do to my slowly eroding confidence in my work (which has been going on for years now, much of it tied to falling sales and bad reviews/dissing from art directors and whom I considered piers). I'll probably go ahead and post them anyways, just for completeness sake. After all, if something is learned from them time working on them would not have been waisted.

Off I go to scan and post!

Archive sites:

Current Blogs:
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So once again, I am computerless.

Micca blue-screened of death again, stating that some new peice of hardware was not acting right (there have been no new peices of hardware), shut down, and now will not boot, asking instead to be booted from CD/disk.


Needless to say, I won't be making the runs tonight at all. Not the SL run with IotP. Not Celadon's BFD run (I really hope some other high powered guilde shows up to help her through, even though she posted it affly close to the key run, we're having more regulars than one five-man can handle). Not the 2nd & 3rd Fragment run.

And my hopes for getting AoB colored today have been shattered as well. I guess it's matting and framing today. Most everything else requires Micca (where all the horse-power/files are).

We seems to have had a recent round of computer problems and it worries me. Between Micca and the Nass (Which died in less than a week of getting it), I'm pretty much crippled for the time being. It's not like we have the funds to replace any serious issues they have.

Erg. Maybe I should go back to bed. This was news I didn't need first thing on waking up.

*note to Guildies: Stariana was hoping/signed up to come on the key-run tonight at 10pm server time. Please make sure she gets an invite to the run, she needs keying if she's going to join us for Karazhan. If I don't show, Farmishi's in chage of the run.

**for those who wonder, this is being written from Yuki, our little laptop. Good for internet stuff, not good on heavy art-realted work. At least I can see the world, though I can't check my mail. Which might be a good thing with the amount of spam I get. -.-
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More Adventures of Blanc!

Look both ways before X-ing the street kids!


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