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Sorry upfront for the rant. Feel free to skip.

Just spent the day at the walk-in clinic due to severe head pressure and stabby face pains. Typically, this is a hard indication of sinus infection. But, according tot he doctor and the X-Rays, I have no infection. Just regular allergies. Allergies that make my face feel like it's infected. Again.

One thing that came out of this is he was able to write me a prescription for QNasl that I could hand to the pharmacist. This is actually a big deal. And an expensive one.

I have been asking for this particular med for over 2 years now. And my currently assigned allergist keeps writing prescriptions, sending them off to insurance, insurance refuses to pay because there is no generic version, and the Doctor doesn't followup to force the matter with the insurance. The Insurance company then does NOT hand the prescription over to the pharmacist to give me the option of self-paying. Yet it's only the QNasl that really works for me. I have tried other nasal sprays and while they open me up just enough to be able to breath, they don't help get back deep into my sinus to open them up too. Thus I get a slowly building pressure in my head that never clears until I have to drive my self, crying in pain, to the Urgent Care Doc-in-a-Box.

So now I have 1 prescription filled, with one re-fill on file. At the low self-pay price of... $260.00. I have an appointment with my old, far more awesome allergist office on Friday to see if I can get my Sudafed refilled, something my assigned allergist won't write.

This means I can kiss that Cintuq I've been trying to save for goodbye. I'd rather breath and be without pain in the long-run. At least now, working as Baron's office assistant, I have a trickle of income that can support this. Something I didn't have 2 years ago.

C'est la vie.


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