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Setting my goals for the week -

Work on Spot Illo for Mary
Getting more sewing done (need to finish some placemats as gifts for folks, finish before FC)
Work on my 3D animation project

Bonus - sew a floor length barista style apron of fleece for myself. What? I can dream, can't I?

So for my 3D, I have bit the bullet and started reboning E'lara from scratch. Screw Maya's auto-rigger. Screw ART since it won't run on Maya LT. No more counting on PhysX for cloth and hair. No more counting on Unreal's chain bone physics. I'm just gonna have to do it all myself, as part of the animations, like I should have done in the first place. All of the above claim to make the art's/animator's job easier but all it's done is give me headaches and frustration. So, it's back to the basics for me.

Cross you fingers that I can make this work, finally.
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Help - I think I'm in real trouble here with my current project and I need some advice. I've posted this on a couple of boards with no answers forthcoming. If your not a techie with Win7 experience, you might wanna move along as this will go over most peoples heads pretty quickly.

Original Forum post:


Currently having a very frustration problem. While I can create a kinematic ragdoll, I cannot get Maya to display the collision objects for modification. This, of course leaves me blind for trying to fine tune my cloth simulations.

Yes, I have tried PhysX->Show/Hide->Show All Shapes along with just about every other display option toggle I can find, but with no results.

I will also note 2 things:
1: the locator also does not display (even though it is set to Visible)
2: I had trouble getting this to install correctly. The version number (the one listed here) is not my most recent install. I installed 3-3-4 in an attempt to see if updating would fix the issue before breaking down and posting here, but it does not seem to have acknowledged the newer version.

The only thing I can think of is to rip everything out (PhysX/Maya LT/Steam and all associated games) and start fresh, but am hoping someone might have an answer before I do something so drastic. Any insight would be welcomed!


I posted that last week on Nvidia's support forum (as well as Steam's Maya LT forum), with no replies. Today I posted this:


Update: Since I have gotten no possible answers here, I started ripping and reinstalling things to see if I could clean things up. Alas - I think I piled the problems higher and deeper instead.

As far as I can tell, part of the faulty install was due to an extremely old version of Maya also being on my system and the PhysX/APEX plugin partially installing there and not in the Maya LT Steam. Once I ripped that out (it was no longer being used since I have migrated onto the Maya LT subscription), and ripped and reinstalled Maya LT, PhysX/APEX will no longer install at all. If I try, it gives me a warning saying it can't install the plugin because the plugin must be installed first.


I can only assume that this odd error is being caused because the ancient version of Maya, that is no longer there, left something hidden deep in the system that I cannot clean out.

So I ask for help again. If anyone has any ideas on how to clean things up so that the plugin will install properly, I would dearly love to hear them.

Else I will have to go to my most feared, drastic measure... nuking and paving the OS. I really don't wanna do that if I don't have too.


So, yeah - I need to get back to this project asap. short of someone with greater skill than I going in and cleaning out the troublesome hidden code that I fear is buried deep in the registry, I am faced with 2 choices:

1. Nuke and Pave the Win7 OS in hopes that it removes the legacy stumbling block.


2. Screw PhysX and their cloth/collision system, bone and hand animate everything and just suck the fact that all animations are going to pop between states inside of Unreal.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.


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