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Dreaming of Warmer Days

Done. Not perfect, but done.

Been poking at this forever. Originally started when I heard about Prince's death. Timed to play with 'Raspberry Barrette', it should work well with any piece of music that is composed of a 4/4 beat.

Yeah, I failed cleanup at CalArts. This kind of shows it.

Done completely in Clip Studio Paint EX
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After getting basic business stuff for SM-EW done, I opened up Maya LT for the first time in nearly 3 months. And of course, an update reset all my settings. Easy fix, but annoying.

Got E'lara out and tried to do a little animation. Was not happy with the outcome. Ended up deleting the file.

Not sure how I want to proceed anymore. I feel like I've run myself into a rut and not sure how to get out. I can see what I want in my head, but getting it out is another matter. Getting it out in anything close to a timely fashion has been nigh impossible.

For a short, 3 month project this is really been a long year...


Jun. 10th, 2016 06:25 pm
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So many people scream this at their computer, it's scary.

Yeah - it's been one of those weeks. Remember the issue I was talking about last week with Asking for help MayaLT/PhysX/Win7?

Yeah - going to have to nuke and pave my system this weekend. While trying to figure out that was going wrong and why I did this to blow off some steam.

I really hope this weekend will fix the issue so I can get back to work.

Done is Clip Paint Studio. Because I didn't want to look at 3D for a bit.
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From some really nice animation reference from a guy named Felix Sputnik. Posted here so I have an easy access to it in the short term. And I think some of my animation peeps would enjoy.

Behind cut because it is.... very .... French. ^.^ )
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So I wanted to test out the current version of ToonBoom Studio and I downloaded the 15 day trial. This was the final* result of my 2 weeks of poking around. Mostly all traditionally done, just via digital inputs. My bacis opinion is the program rocks, but at this point in time, it'd be a really expensive toy that I simply cannot afford, money wise nor time wise, as I really need to get onto other projects.

Also by the end of two weeks of solid animating, I am pretty much ready for this to be DONE. I am finding I have little patients for going the extra step to make it sparkle now a days. Use to be no issue, but my work docket and me being a complete stress monkey this year has left me in a "hurry up and get things done" mental state. Not a good place to be for animating. Nice to know I can still do it when needed though.

Well, onto other work for me, mostly coloring the next issue of "To Kill a Dragon".

* While I could probably put it into better shape, and give it a lot more inbetweens, I've run outta time.
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Shared for my anime friends. ^.^

For those anime folk who know about Evangalion (original) this is funny as hell - for those who don't, this will make no since.

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So, I've been poking for a long time on this animation file. It's suppose to be of one of my characters from SW:TOR walking; side view, walk cycle. As I am full of fail rust, it's taken me *forever*. I've literately been poking at it for months now, in tiny spurts when my hand feels up for it, and even then, only for about 15 minutes a shot.

It ... has many flaws. Loosing mass, detail not rolling correctly, way far off model, ect. But I was determined to see it through to the bitter, cleaned up and colored end. After all, only by doing will I get better again. At least, until I showed it to Baron.

"But I don't see Moebius (the character in question) walking like that."

Doh! He's right. I was trying for a relaxed, flowy walk and I ended up with a Shaggy walk. A little too relaxed and flowy. Dang it!

Time to hit the big reset button. After all, it could be perfectly cleaned animation, but if it's not conveying the character right, then it's kind of pointless.

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Okay - whoever's going around the bush with a industrial bicycle pump needs to stop. NOW! Before I die from laughing fits!

Three more under cut! )
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with all the trash talk on "Fake Geek Girls" and smack on Cosplay - it's nice to see some guys actually DO get it.

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Ebin & May has Updated!

(For some reason the auto X-poster to LJ is not working so I'm hand doing this one and tracking it down later.)

So this script is taking me longer than I originally anticipated. Mostly because I keep getting sidetracked by other work that's screaming for attention now, Now, NOW! So, I'm delayed yet another week. Feh.

In the meantime, enjoy a little flash animation of May. ^.^
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So, my health has gotten to the point that I am thinking about re-entering the workforce. Yes, I know, easier said than done.

I have cleaned up my folders on DA a bit to help put a portfolio together. No, I have not deleted anything, just shuffled things around so that a lot of my furry and fan artwork is not sitting ontop.

However, I realize looking at things, I need to create some work to fill in some gaps. scanning my life drawing sketches is one. Adding more 3D stuff (since I am trying to apply for a 3D animator position for games and cinematics) is another.

On the 3D end, what do folks think I should create? I know I'll need a model or two. And some animation. But should I invest in making a reel? And if so, what should it highlight?
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From the same folks that brought you Cat ****One, brings you the tail of a classic rubber suit monster who's too frightened to destroy Tokyo.

while funny and aimed for kids (in Japan), alas one if it's jokes in the states rates as NSFW. You have been warned. ^.^
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It's the expressions that really make this. Play this at top rez for full effect.
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Been feeling better these past few days. Still sleeping an awful lot, and crashing hard at about 8pm, wish is really unusual for me. But I am getting up and actually getting work done now, so that's a huge improvement.

So since I was feeling better, I opened up a 3D project I've been working on for ages. Trying to get Hash A:M to output a .BVH file so that I can input it into Daz (or any other program). Let's just say it has not been smooth going. Sure, every-time I build a test to see if something would work it goes off like clockwork. But as soon as I try doing something larger, it falls apart like a house of cards. Today, it was the discovery that it was not baking key-frames to any bone that was controlled by an IK rig. Well HELL! There goes my entire setup.

I am so frustrated by all this! I cannot seem to find a program or programs that will play happily with each other AND me so that I can, you know, actually FINISH something. It's hard to be an animator in 3D when you literately spend all your time modeling and rigging. I *know* it can be done. I see other people do some really superb stuff all the time. Why can't *I* get over this stupid, technological road-block, while still keeping a roof over my head*.


Enough of my whining - I'm going to go to lunch and try again on this later. Grrrr.

*and if anyone even suggests Blender, I will shoot them and kick their bodies in a ditch!
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This just keeps getting more bizarre all the time. They have released footage for the new session of Mysterious Cities of Gold... and it's 3D characters on 2d painted backgrounds.

And it's working! I've used this 3d art technique myself and rather like it. It see it put forth in a full production made me want to sit back and say "See! I told you it would work". I know they probably came up with it purely independently from anything I've done. After all, I am sure I am not the only one. But it still makes my ego swell.

With how sick I've am, it's not like I don't need the ego boost. ^.~
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1) Adult Swim has announced the return of Toonami - the old anime block. I am of mixed opinions. I *really* love anime so more anime is good in my book. However - the lineup they've announced is... the same lineup they have been running for ages, with no news shows joining the mix. Now their line up is all the really good stuff, for the most part, with Bleach being the weakest. But the fact they they are non-committed to bring anything but their proven titles that they already have the rights to is kind of irksome.

2) AS also announced that they are making their own homegrown anime series to be announced later. This also leaves me dubious. While they did make shows like Boondocks (Don't care for but appreciate it for the market it was aimed at). They mostly create wonders that are... ugh - do I even have to go there? I fear for what they think their "original" anime should be....

3) In complete resurrection from the grave, Mysterious Cities of is getting a 2nd season/sequel. Ya really! Talk about out-of-the-blue!

Oh - and if you haven't seen it yet - for a limited time Disney XD has Tron:Uprising ep.1 free to view on Youtube! Go watch now!

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Getting farther along with my animation. Have added mane and tail along with all the inbetweens that were missing. Trying to decide if I want to add color or just call it here.

One things for sure, while this was a fun exercise, my hand really hurts like a mo-fo after doing today's work. Grumph.
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Still working on the horse walk - got the head in and cleaned up the hips and the oddness in the forearm. Still need to work on the lower neck as it's loosing a bit too much mass, then it's on to adding the tail and mane.

At this point I'm going to see this horse though to the bitter end. Be good for me to actually complete it instead of stalling out 1/2 way though.
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So I really didn't like the first walk I did - it felt wrong and was suffering from mass-loss, so I started fresh. While far from perfect, this was a much better start out the gate. It still suffers from oddness - I think the front shoulders are rolling too much and the hindend isn't rolling enough, and some of the muscles aren't folding right in the elbow and the hips. I'll try to go in tomorrow and see if I can fix some of the issues before trying to do more inbetweens and work on his face, or lack there of as the case my be.

And yes, I'm still working on the next episode of Ebin & May - I just need to get this off my chest.
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Okay so it's been literately decades since I've done any hand-drawn animation. Bad me. I did this testing out Flash and my Cintiq to see if I finally got them to play nice with each other. I did, as you can see.

However - it's obvious that my skills have atrophied... badly. I did try and clean this up with laughable results and much hand-cramping.


Critiques requested. Be fair and Honest.


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